Which direction for the real estate market season?

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting all economic sectors, the real estate market still finds positive directions.

Experts said that this time the real estate business should have a new strategy for products, especially green projects, good for residents’ health.

In the report “Assessing the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on sectors” of SSI Securities Company, while many economic sectors were affected by the pandemic, the demand for commercial real estate was not affected. many because condominium activities are based on long-term needs and plans, not related to events such as epidemics.

Explaining the mechanism of optimism, in the report “How does the outbreak of Corona virus affect Canadian real estate?”, The Real Estate Investment Network – the trading platform of more than 39,300 real estate valued at 5.1 billion USD in Canada has provided “Formula for long-term real estate success”. Accordingly, the GDP growth rate strongly influenced the real estate market in a period of 18 months.

According to the scenario of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the country’s GDP this year only increased by 5.96%, a decline of more than 0.8% compared to the set target and the lowest in the last 7 years. Even in that case, Vietnam’s growth is still at the top of the region and the prospects are supported by other macro factors such as low inflation, record FDI growth, and many trade agreements freedom was signed, benefiting from the US-China trade war …

Besides, the disease control efforts of some countries have made a good impression in the eyes of foreign investors. In the long term, if successful in controlling and controlling epidemics, real estate also has the opportunity to catch the flow of tourists as well as large capital investment from other countries.

This shows that the real estate market is still promising thanks to high GDP growth and the confidence of international investors. In this context, investors who are confident enough to control their assets and financial resources, will have a good opportunity to access abundant supplies and better prices.

 This pandemic is an opportunity for project developers to look back on their business strategies and product restructuring, to cope with possible fluctuations.

Quality, ecological urban spaces geared towards the care and promotion of health for residents are expected to grow. After this pandemic, the market will have more projects focusing on the quality of housing products and living space to ensure the health of residents, in the context that people are very worried over the past time.

Agreeing with this view, the representative of Novaland said that in the past time, the concepts of green or ecological living space are being abused but not really come into practice. However, the needs of existing customers will be an important driving force for project developers to change.

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