We Have Come to Grasp What Moving is All About

“My hubby and I’ve been transferred in the past and have had to do searches for movers NYC and NYC movers,” a best friend by the name of Betty told us. Betty is already in her early 70s and recently lost her partner so she wants to stay put where she is—in Ormond Beach, Florida.

She really likes it there in Florida though at the times when hurricanes come through she thinks of moving back north. We won’t say as we blame her as we might likely feel the same way about living in an area where there are such a lot of bad storms and hurricanes hitting so often.

Where would she move to if she’d ever decide to move, did she have a favorite area? She told us Delaware, as she always loved that state and was initially from there and she has some kin living there. She had to admit the weather was a little better there than in FL where she was now living.

Betty’s husband had a tough time with hurricanes also, but his problem was due to his weight. He weighed over four hundred pounds and couldn’t get around easily, so when a hurricane was coming close to their area, he and his wife had to load everything up in the SUV and hightail it out of there.

Well, Betty did almost all of the work as her husband could not do much of anything any longer. They would wind up staying at a motel inland, away from the danger, she told us. It was getting him moved that was the tricky part, as he also was on oxygen. While Betty missed her husband dearly (he had died a couple of years ago) she didn’t miss the stress of having to be the one to get him moved out of the area safely, she told us.

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