The trend of locking and opening the house on the smartphone

Currently, digital keys are quite popular, and it is likely that physical keys will soon go into the past due to the trend of applying smart keys to many fields, including real estate.

Apple claims that the next version of iOS will allow users to add digital car keys to their iPhone phones and Apple watches, allowing users to unlock and even start their cars.

As the Covid-19 pandemic made social distance an important factor in staying healthy, real estate managers and owners were forced to find new ways to ensure the safety of the community. fellow residents. The digital smart key is the optimal solution to this problem.

Connection to the management system

One of the biggest advantages of the smart key system is that it can grant remote access in real time, even scheduling when the device is locked or unlocked. To be able to control locks in real time, your locks need to be connected online to a central system.

A smart digital key system consists of more elements than replacing a few key-locks. To really take advantage of a modern system, you need access points connected to your personal management system (e.g. iPhone’s iCloud) at doors and common area.

You should connect these access points to an asset automation platform that integrates with your existing asset management software, automating the process of verifying information with the right authorized people.

Real estate management

The smart key has the advantage of being safe and convenient. This type of lock eliminates the risk of losing or duplicating physical keys. There are also many other benefits of the smart digital key system that you can take advantage of.

Here are the three areas where smart keys make managing your real estate safer and easier:


Because modern digital lock systems connect to personal management systems, it’s easy to keep track of who is entering and leaving your property. Not only is this a useful security feature, but it also makes scheduling tests or maintenance much simpler when people are away from home and it saves a lot of time.

The smart key allows you to monitor real-time as residents leave and then allows maintenance personnel to come in to perform necessary repairs while they’re away.

Real Estate Tours

With the help of the smart key, the property manager can schedule the tour at any time, instead of being forced to wait and open according to the salesman’s schedule.

This gives potential tenants more flexibility, allowing them to go wherever they want to see. It also helps employees not waste time waiting when managing real estate is absent. By using a smart key system, managers can be alerted when someone visits the property.


Residents or managers can create a one-time or recurring key that allows people to deliver packages, food, and other items inside the lobby, garage, or even specific areas. This helps to protect residents’ packages from damage or theft without any direct contact.

A smart digital key is more than just a regular key installed on a smartphone. It opens up a wide range of property management possibilities.

The digital lock system helps residents and employees connect securely, because phones are always in our hands. A person can unlock their smartphone about 150 times per day. So why not use these devices to open the door of your house?

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