The most expensive villas of football players

With high income, the football players own a luxury villa is completely understandable. Below is a list of the “nests” of world football players with the most expensive” value today.

Frank Lampard

Chelsea midfielder bought a home since 2004 at a price of £ 4 million while in the process of dating Elen Rivas. However, after parting with his ex, this house was sold for 8 years. Lampard’s villa designed in a classic Tudor style with a total area of ​​about 8000 m2, located in the Surrey countryside and is currently valued at around £6.5 million. The apartment has full facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, sauna…

John Terry

After selling the old mansion to a royal family in 2014, Terry earned £ 10 million. But more impressively, Terry bought another villa right next door, wider, more modern but only half the value.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The world golden ball lives in the La Finca district, which is large enough for his entire family to live. The villa has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a mini football field and is the place where son Ronaldo used to play before Rio Ferdinand. Real striker has invested in a private room just to display the title collection. The dining room is quite large and has a private chef to serve upon request. The value of this villa is valued at about 8 million pounds.


Ricardo Kaka

Kaka is Ronaldo’s neighbor while playing for Real Madrid. After switching to MLS, Kaka let Gareth Bale rent it for £16,000 a month. This apartment was designed by the famous architect Joaquin Torres.

Lionel Messi

Known as a famous person, with little friendships with friends, the house is something that Messi pays great attention to. He had hired a designer to create a ball-shaped apartment, located on a large area surrounded by trees. Messi’s home is in the suburbs, quite far from central Barcelona. Half of the villa was built with a swimming pool right behind the house and valued about £10 million.


David Beckham

Known as the typical gentleman in football, but the Becks-Vic couple’s villa still can’t stop the online sports betting community from being shocked to know the true value of the villa that the couple This property is worth about 31.5 million pounds. After that, the legendary couple also spent an additional 8 million pounds just to decorate it in the past 3 years. The villa has a total of 8 bedrooms, two huge private dressing rooms along the catwalk extremely ideal. The family is a neighbor of other stars such as Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and Elton John.





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