The dream villa costs $23 million in Hawaii

Seven years ago, businesswoman Claudia Huntington completed a dream house in Hawaii. Now, she sells this property for $ 23 million.

As a child, Claudia Huntington used to travel with her parents to Hawaii. But the family is always in the hotel. When she was married and had children, and became a portfolio manager at Capital Group, she decided to rent a house. Then, Mrs. Huntington thought to herself: “Why not try to build the dream house?”

Then, she and her husband Marshall Miller spent $ 8 million to buy a more than 8,000 square meter plot of land in the Mauna Kea Resort. From here you can see the golf course leading to the sea.

The house was completed in 2013. “Everything is perfect. We canoe and swim here. It’s like a dream,” she said. However, 7 years later, Ms. Huntington sold the house for $ 22.9 million.

The house design is inspired by the island of Tahiti, where Mrs. Huntington used to live as a child.

The house is divided into 7 separate compartments. The largest compartment has an open kitchen and the living area is clad in teak, Hawaiian hardwood and rosewood.

Another room includes the master bedroom, study area, living area and outdoor bath.

The other two compartments have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two outdoor bathrooms. Each living area also has its living room. “What we want is flexibility,” said Ms. Huntington.

The house also has a separate floating kitchen, surrounded by glass. “Honestly, it took us quite a lot of money to build the house,” she admitted. Much of the furniture is designed specifically for the home and is already included in the selling price.

Huntington’s family and friends enjoy the house over the years. Her son was also married there. Mrs. Huntington plans to live here after her retirement this past September. However, now, she has to live in San Antonio because of housework. “The house needs a companion, someone who can continue to enjoy it,” said Ms. Huntington.

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