The cities with the most billionaires in the world

According to Forbes’ newly updated billionaire city rankings, New York (USA) holds the top spot for the sixth consecutive year.

1. New York (USA) – 92 billionaires:

This is the 6th consecutive year the city holds first place, more than 8 billionaires compared to 2019. Among New York billionaires, the most prominent is rapper Jay-Z.

Những thành phố có nhiều tỷ phú nhất thế giới - 1

2. Hong Kong (China) – 71 billionaires:

Although still holding the second position, the number of billionaires here has decreased to 8 people compared to 2019. The city’s real estate prices last year plummeted, making the wealth of many billionaires significantly evaporate. Photo: Reuters.

3. Moscow (Russia) – 70 billionaires:

The Russian capital is home to more than 80% of billionaires in this country. The 70 richest people in Moscow are self-made billionaires. Photo: Reuters.

4. Beijing (China) – 67 billionaires:

The number of billionaires in the Chinese capital is 6 more people than in 2019.

5. London (England) – 56 billionaires:

The British capital is not only attractive to the country’s giants but also a favorite place to stay for some billionaires from other countries like Russia and Brazil.

6. Shanghai (China) – 46 billionaires:

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in China, many billionaires in Shanghai benefited from businesses such as e-commerce, courier, and online entertainment.

7. Shenzhen (China) – 44 billionaires:

This city is like the Silicon Valley of China with a series of famous technology corporations, such as Tencent and Huawei.

8. Mumbai (India) – 38 billionaires:

The city is inhabited by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man with a net worth of $ 36.8 billion.

Những thành phố có nhiều tỷ phú nhất thế giới - 8

9. San Francisco (USA) – 37 billionaires:

California’s coastal city now has 5 billionaires less than in 2019.

10. Singapore – 31 billionaires:

The country of one city increased to 9 billionaires compared to last year, surpassing Seoul, South Korea to grab the 10th position.

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