Hong Kong Home Prices May Drop To 25% By The Trade War

No longer is the risk, the trade war between the US and China has actually erupted when consecutive American pressure up import tariffs for Chinese goods. List of taxes that focus on the products being put on the plan “Made in China 2025 “, including products related to information technology and robots.

In a new report was released, Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) said that if the trade war between the United States and China continue to escalate and stock markets continue to slide, the expensive housing prices in Hong Kong will lose at least 15% in the year 2019.

This number can be increased up to 25% if the Hong Kong Government not to evaluate and adjust the measures to cool down the property market, Joseph Tsang – General Manager Hong Kong JLL.

Giá nhà ở Hồng Kông có thể giảm ít nhất 15% vào năm 2019 do chiến tranh thương mại

The price of housing in Hong Kong has increased 3 times since the global financial crisis in 2008, there were 63% higher than the peak of the market in 1997. However, the growing unrest around the city’s economic prospects was expressed through the 1.4% rate in the last 2 months.

At present, the people of Hong Kong to buy a second apartment is charged 15% of the 15% fee and a stamped seal specifically applies to the unit in sold within 3 years.

Giá nhà Hồng Kông có thể giảm đến 25% do chiến tranh thương mại

The Hong Kong Government has been adopting measures such as reducing the rate of guarantee (LTV) and impose higher tax rates in an effort to reduce heat in housing markets. These policies have made real estate trading volume dropped to low levels in history, but still not enough to pull back prices and could help the city’s housing market “safe landing“.

Chiến tranh thương mại: Cân sức mạnh kinh tế Mỹ và Trung Quốc

“The failure to adjust existing measures will not only seriously affect the price that also can cause serious consequences for the economy. We recommend that the Government of Hong Kong to remove the special stamp policy and consider the application of dual seal policy and guarantee, Tsang said.












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Many Houses In Rural Area Of Japan Are Being Sold At A Price Equal To 0

Many people in Japan are giving away their homes in rural areas. The people who are home owners only have to pay land tax.

In Japan, there are more and more abandoned homes because there is no managed care. Channel CNBC said that the status of the population is increasingly greying and shrinking has led many towns and villages became empty.

The Chief economic expert Rajiv Biswas is in charge of the Asia – Pacific region of the IHS Markit considered that, in the coming three decades, Japan will face the economic and social impact from the problems of population elderly.

On the online sale site called “Akiya Bank” (Akiya Japanese term is used to refer to the vacant house) has put many lyrics for sale area real estate in the country at affordable prices even for free. Home buyers need only pay rent the land under the applicable law in Japan that does not have to pay the costs for home owners.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho người dân nhật bản cho không nhà

Local authorities and the community established many Akiya website to better manage the supply and demand of houses being vacant in the countryside.

The owner of the real estate sector dropped could not take care of their property, or do not want to hand in any property taxes are to be applied in Japan for a house they don’t use so they want to return to the others housing needs. The new owners only have to pay taxes and commissions for agents or brokers.

The free houses usually require to be upgraded because being old and degraded. However, some local authorities such as Tochigi and Nagano currently have pension program for renovating the house deserted.

According to statistics, by the year 2013, the number of vacant homes in Japan are 8,196 houses, constituting approximately 13.52 per cent in total housing of “the country of cherry blossoms”. The vacant houses focusing mainly in the rural town, but this phenomenon has now started to appear in the suburbs and the larger cities of Japan.













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Reversing The Seoul Apartment Market Discount

According to the report by The Korea Herald, the apartment price in Seoul has soared to the highest price of the real estate history in the first 6 months of the year 2018, then it began reversing goes down.

Specifically, The Korea Herald said that the sale price of flats in the southern region and the center of South Korea have soared to around from 500 million to 1 billion won. This number is passing the old peak level which was set in the year 2016. The apartments at the Gangnam – one of the most famous rich houses of Seoul, are sold at the price from 80 to 90 million won per pyeong (equivalent to 3,3m2).

Thị trường căn hộ tại Seoul đảo chiều giảm giá

However, the real estate consultant Park Sangeon considered that the mentality of investment for the market prospect has weakened considerably from the third quarter of this year. It is really easy to understand in the context of more information as well as predictions about the tax policy of the Government of South Korea for owners of a great deal of expensive apartments and housing in the coming year.

Thị trường bất động sản Hàn Quốc bên bờ vực

In the last November, the volume of Seoul apartment transaction reached 3,586 houses. It lessens nearly 60% when compared with 10.118 houses which was sold in October. This is also the lowest level since August in the year 2013.

When sharing with The Korea Herald, a real estate broker said that: “The sales of flat selling in November this year is similar to five years ago, it shows a degradation of the medium term and the long term in the psychology of investors and the sale price”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thị trường căn hộ seoul

The area south of Seoul is leading the market in terms of speed sale price slump. According to the data of the appraisal of South Korea, the price of apartments in some districts such as Gangnam, Seocho and Songpa, Gangdong-gu is average 0.14% reduction during the last week of November.

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Real Estate Trading In Asia Pacific Reached To $81 Billion

According to the latest report “Global Capital Flow” of JLL, the real estate transactions in Asia Pacific reached to $42 billion in the second quarter, 26% higher than the same period in 2017.

In the first 6 months of 2018, the amount of transactions reached to $81 billion, up 29% over the previous year and this is the highest level recorded so far.

This growth was driven by the ongoing recovery in the developed markets such as Australia and Japan, along with the long-term growth of emerging markets. The amount of investments in most of the largest markets have recorded a positive growth in the first half of the year. Especially, the top developed countries today such as Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia emerged with the average growth speed is 110% compared to 2017. Despite the decline in the second quarter, in overall these activities is still go up 3% in China and 7% in Japan thanks to the solid foundation of these countries.

However, the new markets are developing are the places having the most growth potential with many influencing factors such as the lack of transparency is the largest motivation to develop. The major markets with diverse demographics such as India, Indonesia and China, are a key foundation for the sustainable development of the region in the future.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Real Estate

Many Asian regional markets have integrated the whole element of positive factors for the sustainable growth of the real estate. Typically, such as India, Indonesia and Vietnam had a total population of 1.3 billion people, 261 million and 93 million people in respectively, rising middle class, urbanization speed quickly, a young population and improved transparency.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Real Estate

According to Mr. Stephen Wyatt said that: “India, Indonesia and Vietnam are continuing to demonstrate good growth rates in order to attract foreign investment in all real estate portfolios. The market is very promising in recent times due to the increased purchasing power, retail spending growth of consumers and the population of the municipality was enlarged and the youth demographic”.

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The Best Real Estate Websites in 2018

A 2018 survey reported that 51% of buyers located their homes online, 30% managed to find their homes through an estate agent, and a mere 7% found their homes through an open house or yard sign. Therefore, if you are selling a house, it needs to be available online. However, which real estate websites should you consider? Below, you will find the top-rated real estate websites in the world.


Zillow is best for renters, buyers, sellers, and finding mortgage lenders and agents. Whether you are browsing, selling, or buying, you’ll find that Zillow has something for everyone. Should you decide to list your house on Zillow, you’ll receive a sales proceeds calculator, the estimated value of your house, news feed, and innovative tools to assist you in pricing your home more accurately.


Realtor.com is best for renters, buyers, sellers, and finding mortgage lenders and agents. Those that wish to sell on Realtor.com can easily calculate the value of their home, discover how to start the process of home-selling, and even learn how to select an agent for all their specific needs correctly. Realtor.com is also licensed by the National Association of Realtors which means the content can be trusted.


Redfin is best for finding agents, sellers, and buyers. Redfin will assist you in selling your home for a 1% listing fee. With the entry package, you will receive assistance from a local Redfin agent, a 3D walkthrough, professional photos, premium placement on the website, a yard sign, and even an open house. If you are willing to pay 2%, you’ll also receive a home improvement plan, project management cost coverage, vetted service providers, deep cleaning, decluttering, and professional staging.


Trulia is best for finding agents, sellers, and buyers. Trulia does more than just static listings. They provide insights from people that live in the neighbourhood to provide potential buyers with neighbourhood map overlays to get a better understanding of the community. You can also see recently sold houses and the home values within the community to see if you’re getting a decent deal. You will also receive advice from brokers, real estate agents, and more.


MLS is best for realtors, sellers, and buyers. MLS is essentially a free multiple listing service for professionals in real estate and real estate listings. You can list houses for sale, resale homes, new homes, acreage, new constructions, land, lots, investment property, and commercial property.


CENTURY 21 is best for finding agents, sellers, and buyers. Are you aware that buying a house involves over 20 different steps before the contract will be accepted? With CENTURY 21, the real estate agents will walk you through every single step to make the process more convenient. You’ll add value to your house before you decide to sell, create a marketing plan, set the correct price, and ensure your house is showcased at its best. With this company, you can experience a full-service and traditional approach when it comes to real estate.

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Why are so many millennial’s living at home?

Nearly 23% of millennials aged from 24-36 years old are commonly being see living at home with their parents. While older generations might equate this behaviour to laziness or lack of motivation – there are some reasons why this phenomenon is happening at the rate it is. Though, it wasn’t always like this. Just back in 2005, that number was only 14 percent.

Unlike historical normalises, more and more younger people are living at home after they either finish school or are having a hard time starting a life of their own. This is mainly due to the current housing market constantly outpacing the wages that these millennials are earning. No matter if the millennial in question has a college degree or not – many jobs are only paying minimum wage, and the costs to either buy a home or rent a home are increasing double what millennials are even making a month.

Proof in the Census

Census has shown that this year – homeownership numbers for people aged under 35 has hit the lowest its been in twenty years. Even if millennials decide that they would want to rent a home or an apartment, the costs for rent have been increasing by hundred almost every month. However, this factor does depend on the living area of the millennial. In urbaner metropolitan areas – the rent does tend to be higher than in suburban area. Though with the rising costs of the housing market, many jobs and governments are refusing to raise the minimum wage limit to something that will be livable for a millennial with or without a college education.

However, despite the increase of millennials at home, people in this age group do hold the power of shaking up the housing market in their favour. While they can save money living at their parents’ home and actively avoid buying or renting a home, companies are eventually going to be forced to lower the rent prices of and even possibly their homes. This is imperative if millennials are to be inclined and comfortable to take the plunge of moving out from their parents’ home into one of their own. Another solution to this problem is having governments raise the current minimum wage to something that is livable. Seeing how prices are always going to rise and falter in todays economy.

Millennials Struggling with Home Ownership

Moreover, many of the millennials who are current homeowners or renters – live in the suburbs where they were able to find a home without paying a lump sum of money. This is due to the fact that many homes in the suburbs lack what homes in metropolitan areas do: community gym and swimming pools, restaurants within a few minute walk, and a area with events that are always going on. If more millennials are looking for a way to move out of home and become truly independent, then they should consider looking at homes in more suburban areas. Usually, they will be able to find a good starter home that doesn’t require any renovations – though millennials are going to have to give up being close to the city if they want to make this change.

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Top Five Tips when Moving to a New Country

When you are moving to a new country, it is never easy because of various things. However, with a few tips, the transition can be made easier and here are a few important ones.


This is first on the list and a little obvious, but you have to not only do research on the new country you plant to move to but extensive research. When you move somewhere, you should be armed with pertinent information about it being in a new locale. There are many aspects of the new area you should become accustomed to, and this is especially the case moving to a city and, again, especially a bigger one. Check out the layout of the city, various neighborhoods, and transportation just to name a few. Knowing the more about the area you are moving to will make it easier for you once you are there and a little research goes a long way.

Where the Locals Go

When you are in a new area and not only want to fit in but saving money is a good idea and looking towards the locals will tell you where they do their shopping. The locals will know where the best groceries are as well as the fresh markets and the same goes for restaurants and cafes as well. You will find quickly where the tourist district is in your area, and that will tend to be where more pricy shopping and eating establishments are. Take some time to check out the area and where the locals do their shopping and dining. In no time, you will become a familiar face and considered a local yourself.

The Money Issue

When you are moving overseas, you have to make sure you have your financial situation sorted out, as things happen. There are things that are more expensive to foreigners when it comes to living abroad. You have to take account of these types of things as well that others that will occur. This is especially the case if you are moving to another country and you do not have a job there, or you are on a fixed budget. It will give you peace of mind to have enough money in the bank if something does happen.

The Language Barrier

There is a good chance that where you move, you will not know the language. You can learn the language before moving and if you don’t, learning some words is key and then taking a language class once there can help you out. Once in a country make sure you at least know the basic pleasantries such as hello, please, and thank you. You will likely be able to get by, but if the locals see you trying to speak their language, they will be more likely to speak yours knowing you are not simply assuming they do. When in your new country check to see their language courses to pick up the native tongue.

Join the Expats

An expat, which is short for expatriate, is a person living in a country that is not from there. You can check out online if there is a group in the new place you will live and getting their feedback on moving to a new country can be valuable. You can pick up many tips on settling into your new country from somebody who has first-hand experience doing so.

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Have You Contemplated Searching For A Realtor Dallas Is Able To Provide?

By using a Realtor Dallas is able to provide, the entire process of finding the right home for you personally and your loved ones becomes easier. The reason why Realtors Dallas is able to offer have the ability to achieve this for you personally is really because a Realtor Dallas is able to provide may have a lot of properties for sale, and also this subsequently means that your Dallas real estate agent should be able to provide you with high quality homes without the need for you needing to still check around. However, to ensure that you check out a top quality Dallas Realtor, there are some factors that you need to consider ahead of time.

The very first point to bear in mind is that you simply shouldn’t only rely on one of the Realtors Dallas is able to provide, because when you’re limited by one Dallas real estate agent, you will simply be able to view a couple of homes at any given time. The better approach is to locate multiple Dallas Realtor, since this will help you to evaluate their lists of homes for sale, therefore rendering it easy for you to find the right home at the right cost.

One method to achieve this is as simple as going on the internet, since this will allow you to find a list of online real estate agents without needing to leave the comfort of your home. These web based agents also have effective built in search engines on their websites that enable you to specify your own criteria when looking for homes, so that you can envision just how effective the procedure can be in finding the right home once these search engines produce a listing of houses which satisfy your criteria. More to the point, you will be able to get this done with plenty of online brokers at the same time, and so your ability to obtain the ideal property becomes super easy.

Once you start searching for homes for sale via one of these brilliant online agents, don’t be in a hurry to pick the initial few results that you get. It is still essential that you perform a good amount of research on the real estate agent you’ll be utilizing and also on the house that you’re contemplating buying, or else you could find yourself shelling out more income than you ought to, and the worst part is that you will probably be stuck with a house which you may not necessarily have wanted to begin with.

By maintaining these factors in mind, you will be able to find the right property for you personally and your loved ones. The next step should be to negotiate a good price together with the seller, and you’ll find that this is often easy if you utilize a good real estate agent.

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How CDM-T 150w Lamps work

Running your own business can be stressful, you are always looking for ways to maximize your margin or to cut costs in some way. This could be achieved with outsourcing certain administration functions or letting more people work from home to cut down on very expensive office space.

One thing that can be done to save money is to look at how much money is being spent on your lighting. People do not realize that office lighting and the maintenance associated with it is very expensive and does add up.

How would they do that I hear you saying?

Every CDM-T lamp made has a life span associated with it, this is designed by the manufactures. When a light gets to the end of this cycle the lamp could take longer to start or become a different color or even start to flicker. Sometimes you are even replacing the same tube over a monthly period.

Almost every office lamp needs a ballast for the light to function. But how often is the ballast changed, probably never, many people reading this will have no idea what a ballast is. Let me explain. When you flick the light switch, the electricity flows to the ballast and this takes the electricity and reduces it to the correct current that the lamps needs to operate. The ballast them provides a constant stable current to allow the lamp to display the correct color at all times through its life.

Ballasts have a shelf life and when this starts to get old, it can become unreliable. When this happens the life of the lamp is shortened dramatically. This results in the lamp being changed in the same fitting all the time.

When changing a metal halide lamp it is better to change the ballast at the same time. By doing this you will notice that lamps will start lasting a lot longer and over time you will start to see a big dip in your maintenance budget. The other thing to bear in mind about this is electric power surges, they to can damage lamps and ballasts.

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Advantages Of Internet Realtor License Classes

Online classes for a multitude of programs in higher education are common and becoming ever much more popular, and for several great reasons. Students considering whether or not to invest and take web realtor license classes should consider issues like their convenience, legitimacy and ease in licensing before generating the leap or sticking with on-campus courses. Many students discover using the advantages that they’ve as positive an educational expertise as they would have on-campus, which is substantial within the overall scheme of greater education within the realty fields.


Students who already have a job or much more, families to care for or other main obligations that can’t be avoided frequently find that the convenience of online courses in realtor licensing is extremely advantageous. Being in a position to function from your home workplace between meals, while kids are at school or once they visit bed is incomparable to meeting in-person on campus for many students who’ve not the time or power to drive to a campus every day, not to mention those that want a profession in realty but do not have the program available close by. Convenience then is a huge element in selecting online realtor license classes.


1 be concerned that frequently plagues individuals who select internet courses is that their degree won’t be regarded as a “real” degree or that the education they obtain won’t be legitimate within the eyes of standardized college programs. The right on-line courses and programs for realtor license classes, nevertheless, are just as legitimate as on-campus programs at the highest schools, and some are even provided by those schools. Receiving a legitimate education from your home on-line will be the ultimate chance for busy individuals to continue with their profession objectives at their very own pace.

Licensing on Your Time

Licensing is the objective of an education in realtor license classes, so understanding how online licensing classes can help aid you in this goal is essential. Extra benefits of choosing internet realty classes then will be the bonus opportunities you are able to find for studying, preparing for and passing licensing exams and procedures so after your education you can go on to a fulfilling career as a realtor. These opportunities are also discovered in on-campus course loads, but adding in the convenience and legitimacy factors make it that much more beneficial to those who choose it. It also provides you the opportunity to apply for and take licensing exams on your own time, giving you more time to prepare.

Online realtor license classes are somewhat scary and intimidating for those who’ve usually thought of going to on-campus courses, but they don’t need to be. Understanding the benefits of taking courses on-line can help you overcome the fear of jumping into them and assist you to get back on the proper path to a successful profession in real estate. Keep in mind to always research the college and classes beforehand, and never jump in too quick with out knowing the dangers and understanding every thing that is involved.

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