The most affordable Detroit home price for the middle class

According to the report of Redfin, a typical middle-class household in Detroit, the United States only needs to save less than half of its total annual income to be able to buy a house with a median price at here.

A recent study by Redfin real estate company surveyed the relationship between average household income and average home prices in major US cities. Accordingly, Detroit home prices are considered the most affordable because a household here only needs to spend nearly half of their income in the year to be able to own a house in the middle segment.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco – America’s most expensive housing market, a similar household takes 3 years of income to have the opportunity to own their own home. Specifically, the average household income here is 92,714 USD, far less than the 265,000 USD needed each year to buy a house with an average price of about 1.42 million USD.


All five of the most expensive, big cities are located in California. In Anaheim, including Orange County, a household needs to earn $135,554 per year to buy a regular home, while the area’s average household income is only $65,331. In San Jose, a household needs more than $215,000 a year to buy, double their real income. The same story happened in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Redfin’s real estate broker, Kalena Masching, said: “In expensive areas like the San Francisco Bay Area, many people are said to earn a lot of money but can’t afford to buy that house. Even those who are able to pay more than $7,000 per month for mortgage payments are also having difficulty saving enough initial payments when signing a purchase contract. The rent is too high, making it harder for them to save. A lot of people who buy houses in this area are asking for help from their families to pay”.


In contrast, people in the cities of Detroit, Rochester and Buffalo in western New York, or Dayton, Ohio, can earn less, but their home-buying war seems much easier. There are places where families only need to earn about $30,000 per year, which is only half the average household income, to buy a regular home.

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The Australian housing market suddenly increased heat again

After two consecutive years of slipping, Australian prices seem to have bottomed out and started to reverse. Buyers and investors are busy looking for deals recently, making this market hot again.

Recently, an auction was held to find a buyer of a 4-bedroom house in Ryde, a suburb of Sydney that attracted about 100 participants. The first bidder boldly paid more than A $226,000 (AUD) compared to the starting price. Finally, the house made a big sound when it was sold for nearly 1.5 million AUD (about 1 million USD) – the figure was only seen in years of Australian property boom.


Phil Allison, a broker in charge of the million-dollar transaction, said: “Currently, many people are concerned that house prices have bottomed and will increase in the next 6-12 months. Therefore, they are trying to close the deal now to get good prices. Only about 6 months ago, it was hard to organize an auction for a house not far away”.

The unexpected turning point in the positive sentiment of home buyers may stem from three factors: Australia’s central bank cut interest rates, pushed mortgage rates to a record low; The agency loosened mortgage loan tests and re-elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison in May.


The recovery of the real estate market is a rare bright spot in an economy being judged to be stagnant. Rising home prices can contribute to strengthening consumer spending by making homeowners feel wealthier.

House prices in Sydney – Australia’s largest real estate market – have increased in the past two months, according to CoreLogic data. Economic experts have forecast this momentum will continue to last next year. Previously, the price of houses here has plunged for nearly 2 years, down 15% from the peak recorded in July 2017. Last month, house prices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart and Darwin also recorded an upward trend.


Paul Bloxham, an economist with HSBC Holdings in Australia, predicts: “We believe that house prices will rise by a single digit in the coming quarters. It is a combination of lower interest rates and prudent settings that have been relaxed more than before”. The Federal Bank – the country’s largest mortgage lender – also said that the housing market has shifted.

Mr. Matt Comyn, CEO of the Federal Bank, said: “The housing market is starting to stabilize and may improve slightly from here. Overall, we see that the price increase is still quite modest, while credit growth also recorded a similar situation”.

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Real estate collection of the world’s 7th richest billionaire

Larry Ellison owns dozens of millions of real estate in the world and 98% of Lanai Island in Hawaii.

Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle software, is not an unfamiliar name for the real estate market. He is called “America’s most enthusiastic home buyer” and has owned almost the entire area around Malibu and Lake Tahoe.

Although the purchase of Lanai Island in the Hawaiian Islands in 2012 was his biggest investment so far, the 7th richest billionaire in the world has had a lot of big deals about real estate in the past two decades.


In 1988 Ellison paid $ 3.9 million for a home in Pacific Heights in San Francisco. This is a technology-intensive region, like Mark Pincus, Jony Ive or Trevor Traina. Some newspapers at the time said Ellison was planning to buy an adjacent house for $40 million. However, this deal did not take place.

This is his home in Woodside, California, modeled on the 16th-century Japanese palace. Its value is estimated at about $ 70 million. This house took 9 years to design and build, before finishing in 2004.

He also owns an old garden house in Kyoto (Japan), with a listed price of $ 86 million. Even so, the Ellison price was not disclosed. Ellison also owns more than 20 houses in Malibu, California. There are at least 10 apartments at the beach with many billionaires – Carbon Beach. In 2013, he paid $ 18 million to buy the film maker’s home – Jerry Bruckheimer. In April this year, he was thought to spend $48 million for a 5-bedroom apartment.


In 2004, he bought a piece of land for $ 17.6 million, which is now the place where the Japanese restaurant – Nobu Malibu is famous for Hollywood stars. In 2013, he opened a nearby Mediterranean restaurant but closed afterward.

Ellison also collaborated with Robert De Niro and several other producers to turn Casa Malibu Inn into a Japanese-style hotel, which opened in April. He bought this property in 2007 for $ 20 million. The rooms here are priced from 1,100 USD per night.

Ellison bought the Malibu Racquet Club for $6.9 million in 2007. The facility was later significantly renovated and became the home of many famous tennis athletes such as Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams. He also owns a 10,000-square-foot house located in Snug Harbor, Lake Tahoe, which was purchased for $ 20.35 million in July 2014. He is said to own two other apartments here and is building another apartment with an area of ​​3 times this unit.


In 2010, he paid $ 10.5 million to buy Beechwood Villa in Newport, Rhode Island. Ellison was supposed to turn this into an art museum, to house his collection. Ellison bought Porcupine Creek in 2011 for nearly $43 million. This property is located in Rancho Mirage, California, consisting of the main house with 16 bedrooms, and several separate guest houses.

In 2012, he surprised the whole world by spending $ 300 million to buy 98% of Lanai Island in Hawaii. Since then, the billionaire has bought two more airlines, renovated hotels on the island and invested in clean energy production. In February 2014, Ellison was supposed to buy another 21 residential properties near Four Seasons Resorts Lanai at Manele Bay for over $ 41 million.

Last month, Ellison’s Lawrence Investments was also supposed to buy a resort in Lake Tahoe for $ 35.8 million called Cal-Neva Resort and Casino.

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The expensive villas of football players in the world

With great reputation and income, it’s no wonder the football stars in the world also live in magnificent mansions. But do you know which superstar owns the most valuable home?

Here are the most expensive villas of world-class football stars. Let’s see which superstars it belongs to:

1. Kaka football star – $3 million


Before moving to the United States to play for Orlando City, Kaka used to own a house of nearly 140m2 in Madrid, located near the home of his teammates. The secluded luxury mansion is located in the “rich home” bought by Kaka for $9.8 million in 2010. The house has a gym, an indoor pool, and 6 garages. Later, Kaka hired Gareth Bale player to rent for $16,000 each month.

2. Andres Iniesta football star – $4.6 million


This house was built in 2005, has 5 bedrooms, 1 swimming pool, and 1 chapel. The name and number of Iniesta’s shirt and the badge of the team are floated right in front of the house. But according to some rumors, this house was haunted and sold by him.

3. Mario Balotelli football star- $4.86 million


This magnificent building is equipped with an indoor pool, a cinema, and one of its bathrooms has been intensely ignited when owner Mario Balotelli played burning fireworks inside. Before entering the house, the guests will be impressed with the fountain in front of the door with the words MB 45. MB is short for Mario Balotelli, and 45 is his shirt number in AC Milan.

4. Lionel Messi football star – $5 million


Messi’s home area – one of the best players in the world without a normal shape but built like a football field, on one side is a grass field and one is a swimming pool, while the house is in a circle center, shaped like a ball, with half-roofed glass.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo fooball star- $6.5 million


The luxurious villa of Ronaldo includes 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 1 mini football field, 1 gym, 1 swimming pool, and many other facilities, even the doorknobs also engraved the acronym of a brother. Those who follow CR7’s Instagram will occasionally admire every corner of the house through selfie photos.

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Super luxury villas of sports stars

In the list of the most expensive villas in the world, American athletes dominate. The interesting thing is, there are quite a lot of villas owning a lot more bathrooms than the bedroom, living room …

Topping the list of the most expensive villas among sports athletes belongs to former Australian golfer Greg Norman, who has been storming the golf village during the 1980s and 90s of the last century. Norman’s nest is located in Florida (USA) with an area of ​​6,000m2 with 6 surrounding buildings. In addition, this athlete also owns another spectacular villa in Colorado.

Tiger Woods (36 years): 54.5 million USD


Referring to Tiger Woods is a reference to one of the greatest golfers in history, who dominated the world of golf in 1997- 2007 and is still present in the world’s top golfers. Woods’ residence is also located in Florida as a 3,000-square-foot Greg Norman (USA) colleague includes 4 bedrooms, a golf course, a studio, a cinema, a wine cellar, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a gym. road running 100 meters …

Joe Montana (55 years): 35 million USD


The villa is desirable for former American football player, Joe Montana is located in California state with an area of ​​3000m2 including 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool, olive garden, basketball playground, school race…

Troy Aikman (46 years): 24.5 million USD


Former baseball player Troy Aikman is also known as America’s best sports athlete. His super-luxury mansion is located in Texas (USA) with an area of ​​3000m2 including 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, car garage. There is also an outdoor basketball court, swimming pool …

Alex Rodriguez (36 years): 24 million USD


As the most successful rich baseball player of all time, Rodriguez is wearing the New York Yankees of the American professional baseball league with an income of up to $ 20 million per year. His lavish mansion is located in Miami, Florida.

David Beckham (36 years): 22 million USD


The football star playing in the American professional league is one of the most income-earning athletes in the sports world. The magnificent former England villa is located in Hertfordshire, in London’s capital of 7 bedrooms, zoo, recording studio, indoor and outdoor pool, gym, tennis court, ballroom -a, and garden … With living in a 18 million-pound villa in California, the former MU player is being offered for sale in the misty country.

Deion Sanders (45 years): 21 million USD


Former American baseball player, Deion Sanders, was a famous athlete from the country in the 2000s. His Dallas, Texas state mansion has an area of ​​9000m2 including a car home, a bowling alley, football field, basketball, tennis court, indoor and outdoor pool, gym …

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Admiring in front of the super-luxurious mansions of the world’s richest players

Owning an enormous asset, the world’s leading grass stars such as Beckham, Ronaldo, Messi … are also the owners of the grand and unique million-dollar villa.

1. David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the world’s most valuable real estate stars. One of them is a $200 million apartment – the most expensive real estate in the US today.

With a total area of ​​190,000 m2, The Manor is the largest building in Los Angeles. Super villa has 123 rooms, including 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, many living rooms, dining rooms, entertainment rooms, movie rooms and reading books … The apartment is designed with white main tone, with the entrance Simple and delicate architecture.


In addition to the essential rooms, the building also has a gym, bowling area, 2 garages capable of holding up to 100 cars, a tennis court and a swimming pool.

The criteria that the famous couple make is that the house must be large enough for Victoria Beckham to design a fashion showroom right here. In addition, the house must also have a separate playground for Brooklyn and his friends, as well as dance studio for 5-year-old girl Harper.

2. Lionel Messi

The lavish 1,200m2 villa of Barca superstar under the design of the famous architect Luis de Garrido is a miniature stadium, in which the main building is located in the middle. In front of the house is a stone-covered gate and grass, behind is a modern outdoor swimming pool and a roof covered with solar panels.


The mansion cost about $ 5 million is a duality, a combination of nature with cubes, between land and water, middle (right) and (foot) left, and if viewed from above, you will see a 10 number. The exterior looks eye-catching, but going deep inside, one can not admire the luxurious interior of the villa. Most rooms are spacious and airy with bright sunlight.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

As one of the most powerful machines in the world of players, Ronaldo also violently spent large sums of money on real estate. The Portuguese star owns many luxury villas, including an apartment at Trump, Fifth Avenue, New York, for $18.5 million.

This apartment was once owned by Italian real estate expert Alessandro Proto. The interior design is based on the idea of ​​Christian Grey’s character in the blockbuster “50 Shades of Gray” (50 shades) and performed by world-renowned interior designer Juan Pablo Monyneux.


The 30-year-old superstar apartment consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with luxurious furniture, located in the area considered the safest and most beautiful Manhattan, the heart of New York. From his apartment, Ronaldo can see the most beautiful scenes of New York City such as Central Park, Hudson River and buildings in Manhattan.

4. Wayne Rooney

Star M.U Wayne Rooney has just smashed a 4.6-million-euro villa in Cheshire to build a more luxurious property. According to the disclosure, the new home of the “Shrek guy” has a mini football field in the campus. The value of the new villa is up to 13.2 million euros.


The mansion has numerous function rooms such as: TV room, snooker room, bar, liquor store, cinema, gym, jacuzzi, swimming pool, swimming pool, sauna and two ladders machine to other floors. Main entrances and lounges, kitchen, dining room, family room, study room and library are located on the ground floor.

In addition, Wayne Rooney also invested in a mini golf course, training and horseback area.

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Discover Cristiano Ronaldo extravagant super villa

This is where Cristiano Ronaldo usually spends his days with Georgina Rodríguez and his three children, where he once enjoyed the beautiful Russian Irina Shayk.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s luxurious home is located in La Finca, a suburb of Madrid. Entering here, guests can immediately feel its elegance.

La Finca is considered a paradise of tranquility, so it is necessary for Ronaldo to relieve the pressure of the top player in the world’s largest team. The Real Madrid star usually spends his days at the lavish mansion next to his fiancée, Georgina Rodríguez and her three children – Cristiano, Eva and Mateo, as well as the Russian model Irina Shayk. This is also the place for Cristiano Ronaldo to gather with his family, including his brothers and sisters Dolores Santos.

Khám phá siêu biệt thự xa hoa của Cristiano Ronaldo ảnh 0

In charge of decorating this luxury villa is Paula Brito, a friend of the Ronaldo family. “Ronaldo likes everything top, all the most advanced things”, Paula Brito revealed.

Paula Brito added: “The first thing I need to keep in mind is that his house must have a few similarities in Manchester. In addition, the house in Madrid must be very open. If there are not too many people, it will feel very comfortable without being cold. It is a simple, elegant and cozy home”.

Khám phá siêu biệt thự xa hoa của Cristiano Ronaldo ảnh 1

Regarding the color of the house, Paula Brito explains: “Ronaldo likes to leave himself bare, exposed to tan skin. Therefore, the house must be masculine but also need to be soft. Cristiano likes big colors, creating a sense of time and space”.

Besides, Ronaldo also requires brands chosen for indoor use to represent elegance and sophistication. “Ronaldo likes top brands, but his favorite decorating brand is Summerrmes”, Paula Brito said.

Khám phá siêu biệt thự xa hoa của Cristiano Ronaldo ảnh 4

This architecture also introduces: “Home furnishings must be excellent, selected in the best Paris fairs. Of course, because Ronaldo only likes the best, like silk wool carpet and fabric made from Angora goat fur, Murano beacon”.

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Chinese wealthy people withdrew, Australian real estate plunged

The decline of the economy since mid-2017 and the failure to withdraw money from China has caused many investors to withdraw from Australia. This makes the Australian real estate market plummet.

Mr. Wong’s business is primarily at Chatswood – a suburb north of Sydney Harbor. Here, a third of the residents are Chinese. Wong said that an estimated 90% of the company’s sales at Chatswood were collected from Chinese people. Chinese withdrawal also accounts for about a quarter of the Chatswood home discount.

The data released by the Australian government recently showed that China is no longer the largest foreign investor in the country’s real estate market. Two factors that have led to a sharp decline in Australian house prices are also due to the inability to withdraw money from China and the Chinese economy’s decline since mid-2017 until now.

Within the last 5 years to mid-2017, Sydney housing prices have increased by 75%. Notably, the Chinese captured most of the apartments and villas in Chatswood. This helps real estate on the east coast explode vertically. As a result, protests due to increasing house prices are a consequence of limited supply, rapid population growth and low interest rates.

However, from mid-2017 until now, prices in Australia’s major cities have fallen by 13%. This shows that Chinese buyers have inflated Australia’s real estate bubble. Therefore, it is impossible to stabilize the number of previous buyers.

On the other hand, Chinese authorities are strictly controlling the flow of capital abroad, so the issue of raising capital from China is becoming more and more difficult.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nhà giàu Trung Quốc rút lui, bất động sản Úc lao dốc

In a recent speech, Mr. Philip Lowe – Governor of the Central Bank of Australia (RBA) said, the withdrawal of foreign investors is the cause of the decline of the real estate market. Currently, RBA is still closely monitoring the decline of the real estate market, especially the impact of this situation on household spending and slowing economic development.

In addition, Australia’s house prices may continue to fall, stemming from other domestic factors such as the fact that Australian banks have been reluctant to lend after the investigation found many mistakes in credit. Real estate use and housing supply are also on the rise.

Currently, the Australian government is beginning to tighten regulations for foreign investors due to the people’s disgruntled reaction to skyrocketing house prices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nhà giàu Trung Quốc rút lui, bất động sản Úc lao dốc

It is known that Chinese investment in Australia has increased sharply since the beginning of the 21st century, when they were particularly interested in property from the mines to the kangaroo farm. In recent years, Chinese people have accelerated the acquisition of real estate, mainly because Australia has an advantage in the clean environment, attracting many Chinese students to study at university and buy houses here.

Not only in Australia but also in many other countries, the demand for investment in Chinese real estate has led to soaring housing prices, such as high-end Canadian apartments to Hawaii resorts, even to the skyscrapers in London.










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Many football players traded for real estate

High wages and possesses a wealth of wealthy assets, many Premiership players with a keen business mindset have invested money in real estate. But, not everyone succeeds with the left-hand profession.

The pioneer is the unfamiliar name: Robbie Fowler. At the time of the other side of the slope of the career (2004), the real estate business community in the North West of England expressed their admiration for his brokerage and visionary vision.

It is known, right from the 90s of the last century, Fowler jumped into business. He paid for nearly 100 cheap apartments, belonging to Oldham Street. At that time, the price per unit only ranged from 15,000 to 20,000 pounds. So far, despite customers paying £100,000/apartment, Fowler still shakes his head refusing. Because of his judgment, the price of this area will continue to increase.

The next step, Fowler established a real estate company with his name. In a short time, with a flexible way of doing business, Robbie Fowler Promotions emerged as a reputable brokerage center, receiving the trust of investors. Every year, the company brings in profits of 1.5 million pounds for individual Fowler.

Back to speculation, former Liverpool striker also spent money to buy an old hotel in Scotland. He remodeled and turned it into a high-class apartment building. Once completed, more than 50 units were quickly registered by many investors at high prices. After the deal, Fowler pocketed £ 2 million.

Now, though, he is playing Australia all the time, but Fowler still flies back to England to run the business. Thanks to recruiting an experienced consultant team, Fowler’s operation was still quite smooth. In 2005, he was among the top 1000 richest people in the fog, with a total assets of £ 28 million. But now, the figure has skyrocketed to £ 39 million. This is all thanks to Robbie Fowler’s successful acumen and awakening.

Not participating in professional real estate investment activities, but Beckham also proved cool through real estate sales. In 1999, the Becks and the couple decided to spend £ 2.5 million on a villa in Hertfordshire. For an additional £ 700,000, it became the gorgeous “Beckingham Palace”.

Due to the future determination to live in the United States, in early September, Beckham sold his palace for £ 18 million. Many investors are peeking and if the mission is completed, the Becks will be profitable.

Career is going down, but David Bentley (Tottenham) is quite successful in real estate trading. In 2007, Bentley bought a Lancanshire villa for £ 1.25 million. Less than 8 months later, he gave the new boss a name for £ 1.85 million (£ 600,000). Recently, Bentley also contributed capital with friends to invest in a high-end apartment complex on the outskirts of London.

Of course, in business, not every player is as lucky and successful as Fowler. Two years ago, Rooney also “demanded” the seniors, obeyed the consulting firm and bought a home in Aldgate and Whitechapel apartments (east London). In addition, he invested in a large plot of land in Florida (USA).

However, Rooney rushed into real estate at the time of World economic recession. As a consequence, apartments and plots of land that the British striker possessed suffered miserably. At first glance, Rooney is losing more than £ 1 million.

The artificial island district in Dubai is also an attractive place for Premier stars. In 2003, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Owen, Joe Cole & David James in turn, spent £ 1m to buy houses in the island district only for celebrities. But so far, the land price here has decreased by 25% compared to the original.

Obviously, with the type of left-hand investment, if you do not thoroughly understand the real estate business, the stars of the pitch are likely to be “sweet” by the broker, tricking in buying unprofitable land. The loss story of Rooney, Owen or Joe Cole is also a valuable lesson for “excess money” players who are stepping into the real estate sector.












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Hong Kong real estate market: The price dropped sharply because of the murder

Although Hong Kong (China) is considered one of the most expensive real estate markets in Asia, not every house or apartment is easy to buy and sell, because people have psychological avoidance of “haunted” house – where an unusual death occurred.

Executive director of Midland Real Estate Company in Hong Kong said that in houses where there have been unusual deaths, investors often have to rent 10-20% less to attract customers and billions. The discount rate could double if there is a social commotion. Because, the Chinese people believe that the house where the murder occurred is often haunted and not lucky if rented, bought to live.

Recently, in the high-rise apartment of J Residence, Hong Kong, there was a murders of public opinion. The suspect is an Englishman, 29 years old, named Rurik Jutting, working for Merrill Lynch bank. On November 1, 2014, Hong Kong police discovered two female bodies in this suspect’s luxury apartment. Two 25-30-year-old victims, identified as Indonesian prostitutes, were killed a few days earlier.


A resident of J Residence said, people living here are mostly foreigners and expressed to reporters that: “It is really a shock, because people never think of things like this happens in Hong Kong”. The renting price of apartments of the Rurik Jutting suspect may be halved (previously about 29,000 HKD/month) even though this apartment has been cleaned up, an anonymous director of the common property company, Resident J Residence said. If the killer’s apartment was sold to the market soon after, it would also drop from 9 million to 6 million.

According to website statistics, this year, there were 190 locations in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region that were deadly because of unnatural causes, including the murder and suicide. As a rule, real estate brokers are not allowed to disclose to the customer about that abnormality, however, they should provide information if requested by the customer, the Operations and Supervision Agency of Hong Kong real estate broker said.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nhà đất Hồng Kông ma ám

In the first 7 months of this year, there were 14 murders reported by Hong Kong police. This makes the Hong Kong housing market difficult, to the point of appearing 50% discount ads for those who dare to rent, buy apartments that used to be homicide scene.






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