Hong Kong real estate market: The price dropped sharply because of the murder

Although Hong Kong (China) is considered one of the most expensive real estate markets in Asia, not every house or apartment is easy to buy and sell, because people have psychological avoidance of “haunted” house – where an unusual death occurred.

Executive director of Midland Real Estate Company in Hong Kong said that in houses where there have been unusual deaths, investors often have to rent 10-20% less to attract customers and billions. The discount rate could double if there is a social commotion. Because, the Chinese people believe that the house where the murder occurred is often haunted and not lucky if rented, bought to live.

Recently, in the high-rise apartment of J Residence, Hong Kong, there was a murders of public opinion. The suspect is an Englishman, 29 years old, named Rurik Jutting, working for Merrill Lynch bank. On November 1, 2014, Hong Kong police discovered two female bodies in this suspect’s luxury apartment. Two 25-30-year-old victims, identified as Indonesian prostitutes, were killed a few days earlier.


A resident of J Residence said, people living here are mostly foreigners and expressed to reporters that: “It is really a shock, because people never think of things like this happens in Hong Kong”. The renting price of apartments of the Rurik Jutting suspect may be halved (previously about 29,000 HKD/month) even though this apartment has been cleaned up, an anonymous director of the common property company, Resident J Residence said. If the killer’s apartment was sold to the market soon after, it would also drop from 9 million to 6 million.

According to Squarefoot.com.hk website statistics, this year, there were 190 locations in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region that were deadly because of unnatural causes, including the murder and suicide. As a rule, real estate brokers are not allowed to disclose to the customer about that abnormality, however, they should provide information if requested by the customer, the Operations and Supervision Agency of Hong Kong real estate broker said.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nhà đất Hồng Kông ma ám

In the first 7 months of this year, there were 14 murders reported by Hong Kong police. This makes the Hong Kong housing market difficult, to the point of appearing 50% discount ads for those who dare to rent, buy apartments that used to be homicide scene.






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Great building: High 3,218m, population of 1 city

In 1991, architect Eugene Tssui designed Ultima with an ambition about the city of San Francisco in a tower.

While conducting a study on the San Francisco Bay Area, Tssui Design and Research has found many issues: rapid population growth, growing transportation beyond the capacity of cities, residential areas and public parks. Industry spread everywhere is devastating the surface of the earth. One solution to these problems is vertical city construction. This is not a new idea in the debate about urbanization, but Tssui is the first person to have the ambition to encapsulate the whole city in one building. At that time, the city residents did not need to go to the car anymore, and the area around the tower could be returned to its pristine state.

Tòa nhà vĩ đại: Cao 3.218m, dân số bằng 1 thành phố

In his career, Tssui is known for his unique designs, inspired by the ecological principles of nature. Ultima building is also another design that is often inspired by the structure of African termites, a great building that can be as tall as 9 meters of small animals. The building has 120 floors, each with its own ecosystem including rivers, mountains, hills and sky. Huge waterfalls in the building will do many things: fire barriers, fire water systems, recycled water basins, air coolers, …

Just like the bottom cooling water for the entire termite nest, the Ultima tower is built in the middle of the lake to create a natural conditioning system from the water. The air in the lower floors is cooled by water, then circulated to the hotter floors because of human activity, then escaped. The vents of the termite mills are also applied to design aerodynamic air ducts, ensuring that windows can be opened without having to resist high winds.

Tòa nhà vĩ đại: Cao 3.218m, dân số bằng 1 thành phố

A layer of mirrors in the center of the building reflected sunlight into the interior, letting the gardens in the house receive the sun without being subjected to high winds. The exterior surface of the building is surrounded by solar photovoltaic batteries, meeting most of the energy needed. In addition, the windmill system will also provide the energy that the building needs to operate.

Tòa nhà vĩ đại: Cao 3.218m, dân số bằng 1 thành phố
South of the building is a series of garden and park balconies. Biotechnology plants will decompose human waste to put it into the soil. The building is like a large natural area stacked with ten forest reserves, many lakes and streams.








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Chinese real estate investor insecure

The Chinese real estate industry is being likened to a “serious gray rhino” that threatens the economy this year.

According to estimates by Professor Xiang Songzuo at the prestigious Renmin University in Beijing, about 80% of Chinese people’s assets are in real estate, totaling more than $ 65 trillion – nearly twice the size of all G7 economies combined. Therefore, a decline of this market will likely cause significant impacts on the health of the Chinese economy.

Mr. Xiang even warned of a collapse of the Chinese real estate market. “This collapse will be a perfect moment for Minsky” – he warned. (Minsky is a term used when talking about the sudden collapse of asset prices after a long period of growth, named after American economist Hyman Minsky).

Nhà đầu tư bất động sản Trung Quốc bất an

In that context, investors are in a state of insecurity when pouring money into real estate. While the growth prospects for big boys like Country Garden and China Vanke remain stable, the bond market is showing warning signs of China’s small real estate companies’ debt.

Many businesses and real estate corporation in China have been included in the CCC rankings in the S&P Global Ranking. Being in such a ranking group means that these companies are vulnerable and high risk. Hong Kong-based Guorui Properties is one of them. The company has been downgraded, down to the CCC group in S&P’s assessment on February 4, a move that reflects “uncertainty about the company’s refinancing plan for terms. debt is imminent”. This is seen as a warning that the company may face the possibility of default.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nhà đầu tư bất động sản Trung Quốc bất an

Similarly, Moody’s on January 23 lowered the ranking of Jiayuan International Group to two levels of “Caa1” with a negative development future. According to Moody’s, the recent sharp fall in stock prices along with an unstable ownership structure may “weaken investor confidence and increase risk in refinancing activities”.

According to Nikkei, Beijing’s strong handling of sanctions against its “shadow bank” system has made these companies more difficult to find investment capital. Dark banks (Shadow banking) were one of the main sources of funding for developers, but China’s recent efforts to curb this type of finance “have weakened liquidity for homes. Small and medium development, largely based on this type of finance”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Nhà đầu tư bất động sản Trung Quốc bất an

To cope with the market decline, some local governments have silently removed restrictions on home purchases, including eliminating price limits for apartments and easing home buyer regulation. must be local. Or recently, the government has considered eliminating the sale of houses before completing.








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The most expensive villas of football players

With high income, the football players own a luxury villa is completely understandable. Below is a list of the “nests” of world football players with the most expensive” value today.

Frank Lampard

Chelsea midfielder bought a home since 2004 at a price of £ 4 million while in the process of dating Elen Rivas. However, after parting with his ex, this house was sold for 8 years. Lampard’s villa designed in a classic Tudor style with a total area of ​​about 8000 m2, located in the Surrey countryside and is currently valued at around £6.5 million. The apartment has full facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, sauna…

John Terry

After selling the old mansion to a royal family in 2014, Terry earned £ 10 million. But more impressively, Terry bought another villa right next door, wider, more modern but only half the value.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The world golden ball lives in the La Finca district, which is large enough for his entire family to live. The villa has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a mini football field and is the place where son Ronaldo used to play before Rio Ferdinand. Real striker has invested in a private room just to display the title collection. The dining room is quite large and has a private chef to serve upon request. The value of this villa is valued at about 8 million pounds.


Ricardo Kaka

Kaka is Ronaldo’s neighbor while playing for Real Madrid. After switching to MLS, Kaka let Gareth Bale rent it for £16,000 a month. This apartment was designed by the famous architect Joaquin Torres.

Lionel Messi

Known as a famous person, with little friendships with friends, the house is something that Messi pays great attention to. He had hired a designer to create a ball-shaped apartment, located on a large area surrounded by trees. Messi’s home is in the suburbs, quite far from central Barcelona. Half of the villa was built with a swimming pool right behind the house and valued about £10 million.


David Beckham

Known as the typical gentleman in football, but the Becks-Vic couple’s villa still can’t stop the online sports betting community from being shocked to know the true value of the villa that the couple This property is worth about 31.5 million pounds. After that, the legendary couple also spent an additional 8 million pounds just to decorate it in the past 3 years. The villa has a total of 8 bedrooms, two huge private dressing rooms along the catwalk extremely ideal. The family is a neighbor of other stars such as Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell and Elton John.





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5 most exotic abandoned real estate projects in the world

Not every business decision is smart, especially in real estate.

The world does not lack impressive houses, hotels and resorts but is no longer used. Whether it is for economy, finance or for any reason, these works have become ruined monuments, reminiscent of a sad past.

Sutyagin House

Entrepreneur Nikolai Petrovich Sutyagin in Arkhangelsk, Russia began construction of a giant wooden house in 1992. The building is nearly 44 m high with 13 floors and it takes more than 15 years to build. When completed, some people call this “the eighth wonder of the world”.

6 dự án bất động sản bỏ hoang kỳ lạ nhất trên thế giới - Ảnh 1.

Sutyagin said the impressive height of the house was an accident. “I first added 3 floors but then the house looked ungainly, like a mushroom. So I added another floor and it was still not good so I continued to build”, Sutyagin told the Daily Telegraph.

Sanzhi Pod City

Sanzhi Pod City construction was built in 1978 as a seaside resort for US troops in Taiwan. Every house in the city is built like a UFO, becoming a town of the future.

6 dự án bất động sản bỏ hoang kỳ lạ nhất trên thế giới - Ảnh 4.

The city was never opened because of investment losses in 1980. The cause behind is not clarified. Because many workers committed suicide during construction, people believed that the city was haunted. Another theory is that there is a Dutch graveyard beneath the buildings.

Ryugyong Hotel

In 1987, North Korea built a 107-story pyramid in the capital of Pyongyang to build a hotel, but had never welcomed any guests for decades. Ryugyong Hotel is always in the dark, except for the light on the top to warn the aircraft.

6 dự án bất động sản bỏ hoang kỳ lạ nhất trên thế giới - Ảnh 7.

The hotel is currently the tallest uninhabited building in the world. The construction plan is expected to be 2 years but has lasted for many years. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, North Korea entered an economic crisis and the project had to be suspended indefinitely. By 2008, the government began renovating the exterior, completed in 2011. However, the building is still closed. Image:

In 2018, the government turned the building into a light show. With 100,000 LEDs, the building glows with photos of political leaders, events and monuments but the interior is still dark.

Burj Al Babas

In 2014, a developer began building a series of villas like miniature castles. The community, called Burj Al Babas, is located at the foot of the northwest mountain of Turkey in the town of Mudurnu. The house is identical, with an elaborately designed blue and beautiful roof to the royal level.

6 dự án bất động sản bỏ hoang kỳ lạ nhất trên thế giới - Ảnh 11.

The project has more than 732 villas; 350 units have been sold to wealthy Arab investors. Homes cost 400,000 to 500,000 USD.

Many buyers withdrew from the agreement when Turkey experienced economic recession, leaving the town abandoned. Developers apply for bankruptcy protection when all buyers leave. Political instability, higher inflation and falling oil prices all contributed to this collapse. Burj Al Babas hopes to reopen at the end of 2019.

Olympics infrastructure in Athens

6 dự án bất động sản bỏ hoang kỳ lạ nhất trên thế giới - Ảnh 16.

The Greek government spent a large amount of money to build the infrastructure for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, but now all buildings are abandoned. This situation is quite common in countries that have hosted but the case of Athens is more special because it exceeds 15 billion USD compared to the budget. When Greece had serious economic problems, the Olympics became ruined because they were not used.












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Common Mistakes When Deciding To Buy A House In A Short Time

If you plan to buy a house within the next 1-3 years, you need to be sure you have prepared a large amount of money including the value of the house and the costs incurred.

In addition to the deposit, you also need to have a sufficient amount of money in your bank account to cover property transfer fees, shipping and repair fees… ensure payment of fees. This does not make your backup fund run out.

If you buy a house for the first time, it is not easy to pay all the above costs, but you must consider securing financial stability before deciding to own a house. The founder of Beyond Your Hammock is also a CFP – Eric Roberge said that when it comes to buying a home people often make the biggest mistake of ignoring minimum costs.

kinh nghiệm mua nhà

“Having just enough to live means not being able to live fully, although it sounds like it, but buying a house will not make your life more magical,” Eric Roberge told CNBC Make It and added: “Like everything else in the world, the feeling of buying a new home will pass quickly, and you will soon return to a normal life”.

In fact, the cost of the house will increase continuously until you can hold the red book in your hand. Not to mention, every year you have to pay 10 – 20% of the value of the house, Cathy Derus, CPA co-founder of Brightwater Financial said. This incurred costs include expected expenses such as mortgage payments, insurance, utility bills and taxes, plus unwanted amounts, such as broken boiler or leaking roof …

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sai lầm thường thấy khi quyết định mua nhà trong thời gian ngắn

Roberge also warned that you should not accept financial risks that are not worth just to have a home. The expert advises, if you intend to buy a house in the near future, it is best not to “invest in the stock market to grow faster”. “This can be a smart strategy for those who save to buy a home within the next 5-10 years. If you want to buy in the next 1-3 years, it is less wise”, Roberge said.

In order for life not to be overturned by the purchase of a new home, homeowners should have an emergency fund that is easy to access, at least to cover the cost of 6 months of living.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sai lầm thường thấy khi quyết định mua nhà trong thời gian ngắn

And although you feel ready to own a new home, if the money you earn is just enough to live, it’s best to keep it until you are completely financially stable. “Being smart with personal finance can be like hiring an affordable home and continuing to save investment for future goals”, Roberge advises.











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5 Grass Stars Worthy Of “Real Estate Giants”

Not only good at football but these stars are also real estate giants.

1. David Beckham

Known as a business player, Beckham encounters many industries to make money. According to Forbes, 2014 is the year David Beckham earned the most money in his career with 75 million USD, surpassing the old peak in 2012 of 51 million USD.

Những ngôi sao sân cỏ nào xứng danh 'ông hoàng bất động sản'? - Bóng Đá

This amount is much larger when he also follows the number of shorts. Part of his success was through real estate business. Beckham couple owns a 4-storey villa in Kensington (West London) for 30 million pounds, not to mention a lot of other lands and apartments.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

At Real Madrid in particular and the football world in general must give in to losing their minds to make Ronaldo ‘s economy. CR7 owns the top housing assets of the digital shirt industry. Pestana CR7 Hotel, named after himself, was built in his hometown of Funchal, Madeira. He is willing to spend 140 million euros for a 7-star hotel in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Những ngôi sao sân cỏ nào xứng danh 'ông hoàng bất động sản'? - Bóng Đá

Next is the 4 villas and houses in Cheshire that Ronaldo had while wearing Man United. The latest is a high-class apartment project at the Cocobay Towers twin towers, belonging to the leading Southeast Asian Tourism & Entertainment Complex – Cocobay Da Nang.

3. Lionel Messi

Messi ‘s huge asset group cannot tell all about it but he also encroached on real estate business. M10 invested in the Azahares del Parana project in Rosario, Argentina and a luxury apartment in the city center. It can be said that his investment is quite tight. Because there are many housing projects that have not been published yet.

Những ngôi sao sân cỏ nào xứng danh 'ông hoàng bất động sản'? - Bóng Đá

4. Sergio Ramos

The Spanish midfielder is the boss of Sermos 32 with the main activity being real estate brokerage. From this company, he expanded his dream of real estate business by becoming a major shareholder of the real estate company Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Berrocales (DILB).

Những ngôi sao sân cỏ nào xứng danh 'ông hoàng bất động sản'? - Bóng Đá

Although Ramos has only just started to do business in real estate, Ramos is very successful. Real captain’s center-back is cherishing the ambition of separating his own business by learning from the experience of large corporations.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic invests in real estate in the last years of his career. He poured money into several French and American residences. In addition, Ibra is the boss of the island of Davenso, located between Lake Malaren in western Stockholm, Sweden. This island was bought by Ibra in 2012 for 2.5 million euros. The Swedish star is making careful calculations to do business after he is no longer attached to football.

Những ngôi sao sân cỏ nào xứng danh 'ông hoàng bất động sản'? - Bóng Đá

















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Paradox In The US Real Estate Market

American real estate market members are having a headache because of the situation left behind, when everything should have gone in the right direction, but in fact is not.

The US economy is proving its strength is improving, with “dream” data. The number of jobs increased for 91 consecutive months, pushing the unemployment rate to the lowest level since 2000. Latest unemployment data show that only 3.8% of Americans are unemployed in May. A rare development in the economy also occurs, when the total number of new jobs created is higher than the number of unemployed people.

Besides, the average hourly wage has also reached US $22.59/hour, up 2.8% in May – the strongest increase in nearly a decade. In particular, retail trade is one of the industries witnessing the fastest increase in wages, with an increase of 4.4%. Notably, in the construction sector, which is famous for its low wages, workers also have an average wage increase of 3.6%, reaching $27.50/hour.

Along with rising wages, the total asset value of households in the US also climbed in the last quarter. If before the crisis period, the total assets of all US households were about 66,000 billion USD, then fell to 55,000 billion USD when house prices and real estate market plunged. Currently, this figure has surpassed $ 100,000 billion (at the end of 2017, it is $98,700 billion), when both house prices and stock markets are setting peaks.

Yet, despite the positive economic background, home sales are not growing at all. Even the number of existing houses sold has decreased by 1% since the beginning of the year. The number of newly built houses awaits their owners at a higher level than last year, though still under construction capacity.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bất động sản Mỹ

Currently, the total sales of new and existing houses are at the same level as in 2000. Specifically, the number of existing houses sold reached 5.2 million units, the number of new houses reached 900,000 units. This number is now 5.5 million units and 650,000 units respectively. Meanwhile, the number of people in the United States has increased by 40 million, with an additional 17 million new jobs compared to 2000. Not to mention, the home loan interest rate in 2000 was about 8% per year, while Currently only about 4.6%/year. So what’s going on?

According to economic experts, the United States is in an abnormal situation, when the real estate market is hot, but home sales do not increase. One of the main reasons is the lack of supply. Accordingly, the US real estate market is flooded with existing houses for sale, but few buyers, because these are large-sized, or high-value apartments, where owners or environmentalists want to trade through their hands to make a big profit.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bất động sản Mỹ

In addition, the lack of new housing supply also makes current apartment owners worried that once sold, they will not find a suitable new home. This is the reason, in recent years, the average owner time of a house attached to the house is up to 8-10 years.

The real estate market is hot when house prices are constantly increasing, while people still lack the choice to suit their desires and affordability. This is why despite the stable economic development, home sales are not as positive as expected.

Building new homes will create more jobs, boost the local economy, increase tax revenue, make home prices more suitable and increase home ownership rates. This is what the United States needs to do to solve the current situation.








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The West Suppresses The Wave Of Chinese House Buying

The South China Morning Post reported that recently, many Western countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK are no longer eager to welcome Chinese investors – who are blowing up real estate prices, causing residents to live.

Local people are not enough to buy houses. In order to control the wave of real estate speculation created by Chinese investors, these countries have issued many measures to limit the flow of foreign investment into real estate.

According to Global Property Guide, the price increase in many Western markets in the second quarter of 2018 slowed down and only grew by a single digit over the same period last year, mainly due to fever China’s home-buying investment cooled down.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Giới đầu tư Trung Quốc chuyển đích ngắm sang bất động sản Đông Nam Á

In the second quarter, New Zealand housing prices rose only 5.86%, unchanged from the 5.8% increase a year ago. Therefore, the New Zealand government is about to introduce a bill banning foreigners from buying houses in the country. Known in August, the New Zealand parliament adopted this bill.

In New Zealand, the influx of foreigners, especially Chinese real estate collectors, has pushed home prices in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, nearly doubled in nearly 10 years. Housing prices in this city are too expensive that many local people are worried and insecure. The New Zealand Real Estate Institute said that the average housing price in Auckland increased from New Zealand’s $496,000 in April 2012 to New Zealand’s $850,000 in April 2018. Housing ownership rates are at their lowest level since 1951. Specifically, only 25% of people in this country are under 40 years of age owning houses compared to 50% in 1991.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Giới đầu tư Trung Quốc chuyển đích ngắm sang bất động sản Đông Nam Á

Also in the second quarter, UK house prices rose only 2.19%, down from 2.81% in the same period last year. The UK real estate market slowed down because the government wanted to tax foreigners to buy real estate here. In September 2018, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the British cabinet is considering imposing 1-3% tax on purchases of foreigners’ purchases in the UK.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Giới đầu tư Trung Quốc chuyển đích ngắm sang bất động sản Đông Nam Á

In addition, many Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto have also increased taxes on foreigners’ home purchases this year, helping Canadian real estate to significantly reduce heat. According to Global Property Guide, housing prices in 11 major cities in Canada increased by only 0.41% in the 12 months prior to the third quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, in 2016 Chinese people rushed to buy houses in the city. Vancouver, making the price of housing in this city escalate at a rate of 30% per month compared to the previous year.










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Hong Kong Home Prices May Drop To 25% By The Trade War

No longer is the risk, the trade war between the US and China has actually erupted when consecutive American pressure up import tariffs for Chinese goods. List of taxes that focus on the products being put on the plan “Made in China 2025 “, including products related to information technology and robots.

In a new report was released, Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) said that if the trade war between the United States and China continue to escalate and stock markets continue to slide, the expensive housing prices in Hong Kong will lose at least 15% in the year 2019.

This number can be increased up to 25% if the Hong Kong Government not to evaluate and adjust the measures to cool down the property market, Joseph Tsang – General Manager Hong Kong JLL.

Giá nhà ở Hồng Kông có thể giảm ít nhất 15% vào năm 2019 do chiến tranh thương mại

The price of housing in Hong Kong has increased 3 times since the global financial crisis in 2008, there were 63% higher than the peak of the market in 1997. However, the growing unrest around the city’s economic prospects was expressed through the 1.4% rate in the last 2 months.

At present, the people of Hong Kong to buy a second apartment is charged 15% of the 15% fee and a stamped seal specifically applies to the unit in sold within 3 years.

Giá nhà Hồng Kông có thể giảm đến 25% do chiến tranh thương mại

The Hong Kong Government has been adopting measures such as reducing the rate of guarantee (LTV) and impose higher tax rates in an effort to reduce heat in housing markets. These policies have made real estate trading volume dropped to low levels in history, but still not enough to pull back prices and could help the city’s housing market “safe landing“.

Chiến tranh thương mại: Cân sức mạnh kinh tế Mỹ và Trung Quốc

“The failure to adjust existing measures will not only seriously affect the price that also can cause serious consequences for the economy. We recommend that the Government of Hong Kong to remove the special stamp policy and consider the application of dual seal policy and guarantee, Tsang said.












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