Outdoor Furniture Cushions Made Of Different Materials

Do you know that there are several materials used in fabricating cushions which you can decide on? Cushions are stuffed with foam, air, cotton, or feather. Many homeowners and even business establishments have patio furniture that they want to offer their guests and even their family to feel comfortable resting, sitting, or doze on their furniture. Patio furniture are built from durable and firm materials. A few people feel awkward lying down or sitting on these furniture, so they put cushions on them.

Cushions are placed on solid patio furniture. This way, whoever wants to sit or lie down will feel relaxed and contented. Furthermore, not only that they provide comfort, but they also act as shields for furniture from extreme weather conditions. There are several kinds of materials used in making veranda furniture cushions.

A. Polyester Cushions

Polyester material is particularly treated to produce stain-free fabric. It is used in making cushions because they feel soft. They are also one the inexpensive materials to use. Fabric protectors are added to keep it away from fading easily.

B. Acrylic

Acrylic materials are somehow expensive. However, they properly treated to prevent mold accumulation making them mold-free. They also maintain their colors because special dye solutions are added in producing acrylic. Cushion made from acrylic last a long time because of their durability.

C. PVC Material

Cushions made from PVC are the most inexpensive cushions available in the market. they are made to resist scratches, color fading, stains, molds, and rot. However, being the cheapest type of cushions, they provide the slightest comfort cushions offer.

D. Woven Cushions

In order to provide designs on cushion materials, manufacturers need to use screen-printing method. On the contrary, woven cushions use threads with various colors to make assorted designs. You can feel the softness of the cushions and they are comfortable too. Also, they can tolerate any weather conditions.

E. Olefin Material

Fibers of olefin are tinted to produce different fabric colors. Their fibers are weaved together to make various patterns of cushions. Also, they are resistant to fading, stains, cuts, and scratches.

F. Marquesa Material

Marquesa are combination of PVC and olefin materials making it durable to last for many years. One of the features of these cushions is that they have antimicrobial trait. Moreover, they can also resist flaws, slashes, and discoloration as well as fading.

So, now that you know that there are so many materials in making cushions, you will never have difficulties finding cushions that will suit your preference. Prices of each cushion are modified according to the materials used. You can look for the most suitable cushions for your patio furniture by the use of the internet. Searching numerous websites will give you an idea of the kind of cushion that will complement your patio and your furniture too. Another way in finding cushions is by visiting your local home improvement stores. Also, constantly clean your cushions to maintain their stylishness and modishness. Before deciding which cushion to buy, always remember that it must go well with the overall design of your furniture and your patio also.

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