Newburyport Real Estate

Investing in real estate is among the most successful things that a person could achieve, from a smart investment standpoint. However, this is dependent on the quality of the actual real estate property to be obtained. It’s in this light that selecting the most appropriate place where you will buy your property is an essential component of this form involving investment. If the primary intention of buying a house is for family to have a secure and comfortable life, then one of many highly recommended locations is none other than the real estate in Newburyport.

North of Boston Real Estate

Generally speaking, North of Boston Real Estate is one of the coastal towns located in Massachusetts. It is strategically located at the mouth of the Merrimack River. It has an allure about it due to the rich historical nature, which proves to have great significance to individuals living there. Its overall area is only 27 square kilometers, which makes it relatively smaller compared to the other towns north of Boston. Today, the town has been noted as one of several most vibrant holidaymaker destinations in the United States.

Real Estate Newburyport

With its relatively modest land area, which is just around 21 square mls, Newburyport real estate is expected to be very scarce. Hence, with limited areas with regard to horizontal real estate development, the prices of homes there are quite expensive. According to the June 2009 data of the Fox news Fortune & Money, the mean price of real estate in Newburyport is around $366k. It is an above average home price which is in the top 10 best places in the same year, which is merely $262,148.

Nevertheless, it is still much cheaper for you to buy Newburyport real estate than buy from the top 5 and 6 top cities, which include Milton, MA and Warren, NJ. The particular median home prices in these places amount to as high as $424,000 and $600,000 respectively. Aside from that, the cost associated with Newburyport real estate ranks not far from the best place to live during 2009, which is the Louisville, CO. Those homes typical home price of around $366,000. However, the quality of life, security as well as discretion and culture are the aspects which matter most to you, Newburyport real estate has something to boast about.

Quality of Life in Newburyport

The caliber of life in a town or city is one of the major considerations of many individuals when they are planning to buy real estate properties. Mentioned previously above, real estate Newburyport properties are not put aside in this aspect. One of the signals here is the air quality in the town. In this regard, almost 80% of the time, Newburyport was ranked well. This is far better compared to at least four (4) town included in the top 10 best places position and above the overall average in the top 100 best places inside United States.

Another parameter being used to assess the standard of life in an area may be the security and quality of the living environment.. This is also very vital while planning to buy real estate in Newburyport. For example, the non-public crime incidence is only a mere 1 case for every 1000 cases. Furthermore, the property crime incidence is among the lowest with merely 11 incidents for every 1,000.

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