New standards for luxury real estate

The criteria for buying an upper-class house do not just stop at the location but also a comfortable living space, full facilities, a civilized community and a harmonious living space with nature.

The increase in the upper class is the premise for the birth and development of the need to use luxury goods, exclusive items, unique service privileges. Accordingly, about accommodation and accommodation, the needs of the elites always want to choose an isolated living environment, high-class, fully furnished.

On the other hand, the elites are also the elite of society, the class that is always the pioneer in all fields and trends, they not only know to seize the opportunity but also enjoy the delicate life, choosing a nice place to live from inside the house to outside the community.

The world has long formed the living areas reserved for the rich. In Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is known as the home of Hollywood businessmen and stars. Or Hongkong with The Peak for tycoons. Seoul is also a famous city when Pyeongchang-dong has become a living address for many of the upper class in Korea.

In fact, the rich often have high standards for the home. For them, a home is not just a place to live, but a place to go true, worthy of expectation and class. In a way, these are the people who lead and guide the new way of life with strict requirements on landscape environment, privacy, security issues as well as luxury services and utilities.

Inspiration from nature is also the transparent material chosen to make a valuable difference of Ecopark Grand – The Island. Here, homeowners will fully enjoy the ecological living space with the scent of leafy plants, the color of flowers, the golden sunshine pouring down from the air and the sound of stillness.


Ecopark Grand – The Island possesses a high-class highlight from the surface of the water. In a large space of 60.4ha, the water surface here accounts for nearly 50% of the area. 100% of the villas have a water deck and a garden filled with tropical flowers reaching out to the lake.

The 1,000m2-wide villas are designed to “lean” into nature with most of the indoor space overlooking the garden and lake, making the most of natural light and fresh air. The entrance to the villa is covered by the vibrant green of flowers and trees, reminiscent of the connection between people and nature, between the land and water. The high ceilings create a feeling of airiness, the system of ceiling-to-floor glass doors provides an unlimited view, covering the entire green, smooth landscape outside the door frame.

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