Neighbors were angry because Beckham built a lake in the village

Approved by local authorities to build a lake in the Cotswolds village, the Beckhams still met many complaints from people around.

On September 27, according to The Sun, the Beckhams have reached agreements with the local authorities, promoting the construction of a 6 million pound villa (about 7.7 million USD) in the Cotswolds village.

As noted by the British newspaper, tons of land was transported to the village. Although agreeing to let the former British player build the lake, the government requires the work to be completed within 6 months (from August to February next year), to protect the birds nest.

This information caused the Beckham couple to get criticized, both online and in real life. According to the people nearby, the continuous implementation of the project leaves them in a state of noise pollution.

On social networks, it is possible that workers working for the Beck couple have to quit their jobs for 6 months, if the lake is not completed on schedule.

When he moved to the Cotswolds estate, Beck renovated many things and was said to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.

Michael Douglas – a local resident – sent an email to the authorities expressing concern that Beckham was building too many things in this village.

“What they want is to turn the countryside into the suburbs. Why don’t they find real estate big enough to hold these things, instead of bothering others,” said Douglas.

During the period of social separation, the Beckhams spent a lot of time in the Cotswolds countryside. This is not the first time Beckham has angered people. When asking for gates, partying in the countryside, the paparazzi that surrounded the Costwolds were also said to be disturbed by surrounding people.

On the other hand, two famous stars become housewives when they continuously guide their children in baking and cooking. On September 28, Victoria Beckham posted on her daughter’s personal page of apple pie baking results.

The father of 4 also often shows off his achievements in the kitchen. At the end of August, Beck proudly posted on his personal page the image of Harper’s daughter wearing a scarf and an apron to prepare a meal.

Harper is said to have a cooking talent from his father. Before that, Beckham learned to cook Italian food while competing at AC Milan (2010), and joined a French cooking class while playing for Paris Saint-Germain (2013).

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