Many football players traded for real estate

High wages and possesses a wealth of wealthy assets, many Premiership players with a keen business mindset have invested money in real estate. But, not everyone succeeds with the left-hand profession.

The pioneer is the unfamiliar name: Robbie Fowler. At the time of the other side of the slope of the career (2004), the real estate business community in the North West of England expressed their admiration for his brokerage and visionary vision.

It is known, right from the 90s of the last century, Fowler jumped into business. He paid for nearly 100 cheap apartments, belonging to Oldham Street. At that time, the price per unit only ranged from 15,000 to 20,000 pounds. So far, despite customers paying £100,000/apartment, Fowler still shakes his head refusing. Because of his judgment, the price of this area will continue to increase.

The next step, Fowler established a real estate company with his name. In a short time, with a flexible way of doing business, Robbie Fowler Promotions emerged as a reputable brokerage center, receiving the trust of investors. Every year, the company brings in profits of 1.5 million pounds for individual Fowler.

Back to speculation, former Liverpool striker also spent money to buy an old hotel in Scotland. He remodeled and turned it into a high-class apartment building. Once completed, more than 50 units were quickly registered by many investors at high prices. After the deal, Fowler pocketed £ 2 million.

Now, though, he is playing Australia all the time, but Fowler still flies back to England to run the business. Thanks to recruiting an experienced consultant team, Fowler’s operation was still quite smooth. In 2005, he was among the top 1000 richest people in the fog, with a total assets of £ 28 million. But now, the figure has skyrocketed to £ 39 million. This is all thanks to Robbie Fowler’s successful acumen and awakening.

Not participating in professional real estate investment activities, but Beckham also proved cool through real estate sales. In 1999, the Becks and the couple decided to spend £ 2.5 million on a villa in Hertfordshire. For an additional £ 700,000, it became the gorgeous “Beckingham Palace”.

Due to the future determination to live in the United States, in early September, Beckham sold his palace for £ 18 million. Many investors are peeking and if the mission is completed, the Becks will be profitable.

Career is going down, but David Bentley (Tottenham) is quite successful in real estate trading. In 2007, Bentley bought a Lancanshire villa for £ 1.25 million. Less than 8 months later, he gave the new boss a name for £ 1.85 million (£ 600,000). Recently, Bentley also contributed capital with friends to invest in a high-end apartment complex on the outskirts of London.

Of course, in business, not every player is as lucky and successful as Fowler. Two years ago, Rooney also “demanded” the seniors, obeyed the consulting firm and bought a home in Aldgate and Whitechapel apartments (east London). In addition, he invested in a large plot of land in Florida (USA).

However, Rooney rushed into real estate at the time of World economic recession. As a consequence, apartments and plots of land that the British striker possessed suffered miserably. At first glance, Rooney is losing more than £ 1 million.

The artificial island district in Dubai is also an attractive place for Premier stars. In 2003, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Owen, Joe Cole & David James in turn, spent £ 1m to buy houses in the island district only for celebrities. But so far, the land price here has decreased by 25% compared to the original.

Obviously, with the type of left-hand investment, if you do not thoroughly understand the real estate business, the stars of the pitch are likely to be “sweet” by the broker, tricking in buying unprofitable land. The loss story of Rooney, Owen or Joe Cole is also a valuable lesson for “excess money” players who are stepping into the real estate sector.

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