In the midst of the epidemic, which countries are the most searched for in the world?

According to a Knight Frank survey, after witnessing the heavy effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on the socio-economy, home seekers around the world consider England, Spain and France to be First choice for migration planning wishing to have better housing and health care facilities if you fall ill.

Specifically, research firm Knight Frank said the survey was conducted in June with 700 participants are individuals looking to buy real estate in 44 countries around the world. The survey was conducted to find out and analyze buyers’ attitudes towards the real estate market under the Covid-19 epidemic.

The results show that the top 3 countries most interested in by world real estate buyers are the UK with 30% of the votes, Spain with 17% and France with 9%. The Top 3 holds a fairly far distance from the group of 13 adjacent countries, with the number of votes ranging from 2-4%. While not all have been seen as successful models of pandemic control, these countries are still seen as having effective health care systems.

It is quite interesting that while the UK has received the attention of homebuyers around the world, people in this country tend to increase their search for real estate abroad for relaxation or preparation plan in the future.

The survey also shows that real estate buyers are now more likely to search for accommodation with larger areas and more garden space. The long-term effects of isolation, distance, and working from home make many people realize the important role of outdoor spaces.

“Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live every day,” said Kate Everett-Allen, Knight Frank’s Head of International Housing Market Research. Now the home is at the center of all of our activities, including working, exercising, learning, socializing and relaxing. The changes will certainly have a great impact on the real estate market worldwide.

However, Knight Frank also revealed that only 25% of those surveyed said they were likely to move within or outside the country within the next 12 months. About 23% said they were less likely to migrate, while 52% said they would continue to stay in their current place, not migrate.

For those looking to buy new real estate in preparation for a migration plan, the need to upgrade accommodation is a major driver of the migration decision, whether moving to another part of the country or abroad. Access to health care services better than current residence is the second most highly recommended criterion.

Meanwhile, countries like Germany, Austria, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and New Zealand are expected to attract second home seekers in the near future. This audience attaches great importance to the way governments effectively handled the Covid-19 crisis, helping to prevent pandemic outbreaks.

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