Great building: High 3,218m, population of 1 city

In 1991, architect Eugene Tssui designed Ultima with an ambition about the city of San Francisco in a tower.

While conducting a study on the San Francisco Bay Area, Tssui Design and Research has found many issues: rapid population growth, growing transportation beyond the capacity of cities, residential areas and public parks. Industry spread everywhere is devastating the surface of the earth. One solution to these problems is vertical city construction. This is not a new idea in the debate about urbanization, but Tssui is the first person to have the ambition to encapsulate the whole city in one building. At that time, the city residents did not need to go to the car anymore, and the area around the tower could be returned to its pristine state.

Tòa nhà vĩ đại: Cao 3.218m, dân số bằng 1 thành phố

In his career, Tssui is known for his unique designs, inspired by the ecological principles of nature. Ultima building is also another design that is often inspired by the structure of African termites, a great building that can be as tall as 9 meters of small animals. The building has 120 floors, each with its own ecosystem including rivers, mountains, hills and sky. Huge waterfalls in the building will do many things: fire barriers, fire water systems, recycled water basins, air coolers, …

Just like the bottom cooling water for the entire termite nest, the Ultima tower is built in the middle of the lake to create a natural conditioning system from the water. The air in the lower floors is cooled by water, then circulated to the hotter floors because of human activity, then escaped. The vents of the termite mills are also applied to design aerodynamic air ducts, ensuring that windows can be opened without having to resist high winds.

Tòa nhà vĩ đại: Cao 3.218m, dân số bằng 1 thành phố

A layer of mirrors in the center of the building reflected sunlight into the interior, letting the gardens in the house receive the sun without being subjected to high winds. The exterior surface of the building is surrounded by solar photovoltaic batteries, meeting most of the energy needed. In addition, the windmill system will also provide the energy that the building needs to operate.

Tòa nhà vĩ đại: Cao 3.218m, dân số bằng 1 thành phố
South of the building is a series of garden and park balconies. Biotechnology plants will decompose human waste to put it into the soil. The building is like a large natural area stacked with ten forest reserves, many lakes and streams.








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