Discover Cristiano Ronaldo extravagant super villa

This is where Cristiano Ronaldo usually spends his days with Georgina Rodríguez and his three children, where he once enjoyed the beautiful Russian Irina Shayk.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s luxurious home is located in La Finca, a suburb of Madrid. Entering here, guests can immediately feel its elegance.

La Finca is considered a paradise of tranquility, so it is necessary for Ronaldo to relieve the pressure of the top player in the world’s largest team. The Real Madrid star usually spends his days at the lavish mansion next to his fiancée, Georgina Rodríguez and her three children – Cristiano, Eva and Mateo, as well as the Russian model Irina Shayk. This is also the place for Cristiano Ronaldo to gather with his family, including his brothers and sisters Dolores Santos.

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In charge of decorating this luxury villa is Paula Brito, a friend of the Ronaldo family. “Ronaldo likes everything top, all the most advanced things”, Paula Brito revealed.

Paula Brito added: “The first thing I need to keep in mind is that his house must have a few similarities in Manchester. In addition, the house in Madrid must be very open. If there are not too many people, it will feel very comfortable without being cold. It is a simple, elegant and cozy home”.

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Regarding the color of the house, Paula Brito explains: “Ronaldo likes to leave himself bare, exposed to tan skin. Therefore, the house must be masculine but also need to be soft. Cristiano likes big colors, creating a sense of time and space”.

Besides, Ronaldo also requires brands chosen for indoor use to represent elegance and sophistication. “Ronaldo likes top brands, but his favorite decorating brand is Summerrmes”, Paula Brito said.

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This architecture also introduces: “Home furnishings must be excellent, selected in the best Paris fairs. Of course, because Ronaldo only likes the best, like silk wool carpet and fabric made from Angora goat fur, Murano beacon”.

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