Cristiano Ronaldo – from superstar pitch to real estate giants

Currently, it can be said that Cristiano Ronaldo is the real estate tycoon in the football world when the number of apartments, villas and hotels owned by this star is extremely valuable.

In 2002, Cristiano Ronaldo officially entered the professional football path when he was 17 years old in the colors of the Sporting Lisbon team. With his gifted, progressive, hard working and serious training attitude, Ronaldo has become one of the best goalscorers in the world.

Although there are still some non-talk about his arrogant-looking style, the whole world must be admired because behind that arrogant image is a player who is always strict with himself and a heart. kind in volunteer activities and a sharp head in business, especially real estate investment decisions.


It can be said that Ronaldo is the real estate tycoon in the football world when the number of apartments, villas and hotels that this star owns is extremely valuable. He owns a series of prestigious real estate chains in the world such as Pestana CR7 Hotel named after him built in his home town of Funchal, Madeira. This hotel is part of a series of 4 hotel projects invested by Ronaldo with the leading hotel group in Portugal. It is expected that Ronaldo will continue to expand to 3 more hotels in Lisbon, Madrid and New York in 2017.

The superstar has spent 140 million EURO to own a 7-star hotel in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Next are 4 villas and houses in Cheshire that Ronaldo bought while playing under the color of MU shirt. And not to mention the Luxury Apartment located in Trump Tower in New York worth 18.5 million USD was completed by the world famous designer Juan Pablo Molyneux and owns the most beautiful and second vision in New York.


Most recently, Ronaldo announced his latest property in Asia as a high-class apartment in Cocobay Towers twin towers. This is the building that owns the highest crystal bridge in the world that is currently expected in Southeast Asia with the marvelous architecture designed by Atkins – one of the leading design companies in the world and Comprehensive development by Empire Group.

True to his personality, he quickly became the first owner when the twin towers were launched in Madrid, Spain. CR7 apartment has a choice of views towards the vast East Sea, overlooking the majestic Marble Mountains and the poetic Co Co River.

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