Admiring in front of the super-luxurious mansions of the world’s richest players

Owning an enormous asset, the world’s leading grass stars such as Beckham, Ronaldo, Messi … are also the owners of the grand and unique million-dollar villa.

1. David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the world’s most valuable real estate stars. One of them is a $200 million apartment – the most expensive real estate in the US today.

With a total area of ​​190,000 m2, The Manor is the largest building in Los Angeles. Super villa has 123 rooms, including 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, many living rooms, dining rooms, entertainment rooms, movie rooms and reading books … The apartment is designed with white main tone, with the entrance Simple and delicate architecture.


In addition to the essential rooms, the building also has a gym, bowling area, 2 garages capable of holding up to 100 cars, a tennis court and a swimming pool.

The criteria that the famous couple make is that the house must be large enough for Victoria Beckham to design a fashion showroom right here. In addition, the house must also have a separate playground for Brooklyn and his friends, as well as dance studio for 5-year-old girl Harper.

2. Lionel Messi

The lavish 1,200m2 villa of Barca superstar under the design of the famous architect Luis de Garrido is a miniature stadium, in which the main building is located in the middle. In front of the house is a stone-covered gate and grass, behind is a modern outdoor swimming pool and a roof covered with solar panels.


The mansion cost about $ 5 million is a duality, a combination of nature with cubes, between land and water, middle (right) and (foot) left, and if viewed from above, you will see a 10 number. The exterior looks eye-catching, but going deep inside, one can not admire the luxurious interior of the villa. Most rooms are spacious and airy with bright sunlight.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

As one of the most powerful machines in the world of players, Ronaldo also violently spent large sums of money on real estate. The Portuguese star owns many luxury villas, including an apartment at Trump, Fifth Avenue, New York, for $18.5 million.

This apartment was once owned by Italian real estate expert Alessandro Proto. The interior design is based on the idea of ​​Christian Grey’s character in the blockbuster “50 Shades of Gray” (50 shades) and performed by world-renowned interior designer Juan Pablo Monyneux.


The 30-year-old superstar apartment consists of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with luxurious furniture, located in the area considered the safest and most beautiful Manhattan, the heart of New York. From his apartment, Ronaldo can see the most beautiful scenes of New York City such as Central Park, Hudson River and buildings in Manhattan.

4. Wayne Rooney

Star M.U Wayne Rooney has just smashed a 4.6-million-euro villa in Cheshire to build a more luxurious property. According to the disclosure, the new home of the “Shrek guy” has a mini football field in the campus. The value of the new villa is up to 13.2 million euros.


The mansion has numerous function rooms such as: TV room, snooker room, bar, liquor store, cinema, gym, jacuzzi, swimming pool, swimming pool, sauna and two ladders machine to other floors. Main entrances and lounges, kitchen, dining room, family room, study room and library are located on the ground floor.

In addition, Wayne Rooney also invested in a mini golf course, training and horseback area.

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