7 things to be successful in real estate business (Part 2)

Real estate starts not with money, but with opportunity and ability

It is a fact that few people know that the importance of real estate is not money but the value of opportunity and capacity. In fact, the great giants in the real estate industry often spend very little money when participating in a real estate deal, maybe not even spend a penny, but they still own the game by their ability to seize their own opportunities as well as the ability to raise capital.

Real estate allows us to take advantage of good financial leverage

If you are in another business such as selling fashion shops, you come to the bank to borrow 1 billion to do business, certainly not easy at all. But if you buy a property, you go to the bank to borrow 1 billion to buy this property.

The bank will ask the value of that property, you answer about 3 billion, when you hear your answer, the bank will ask you again: “Do you want to increase your loan limit from 1 billion to 2 billion is not?” If you can prove that your income is able to repay the loan, then you only need to spend 30% of the initial amount, the remaining 70% of the bank is ready to lend you when they have reviewed the repayment ability and appraised. That real estate.

Real estate is where the rich increase their wealth

A billionaire said: “All the way to Rome, all the rich are collecting and accumulating real estate for themselves”. Why? Because all rich people are aware that real estate is the way that helps them achieve sustainable financial freedom and quickly multiply their wealth by many times.

Real estate everyone’s game

In my 8 years in the rental house business, meeting and cooperating with hundreds of landlords across the country, I found that many entrepreneurs have been successful. They used to be an equal in the real estate business. Therefore, I believe that with trust and perseverance willing to learn the practical business knowledge and experience of successful people, anyone can create financial freedom and give yourself with real estate.

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