7 things to be successful in real estate business (Part 1)

Real estate is a specific commodity in the market. It is very different from all other commodities. To be successful in real estate investment and business, you need to equip yourself with the basic knowledge base to avoid unfortunate mistakes, sometimes paying billions.

More than 8 years involved in the real estate business, and managing thousands of rental products including rooms for rent, serviced apartments, hotels, offices in many major cities across the country. 

Real estate is a unique and rare commodity

In other general goods, you can own two identical phones, two identical chairs and tables. But not in real estate and this is the reason that real estate becomes a unique commodity in the eyes of business people. On the other hand, the earth cannot expand while the population is constantly growing, making real estate become a rare commodity.

Real estate has two games: Cash flow and capital interest

Real estate has two games in itself: Cash flow – capital interest (simply understood as leasing – buying and selling). In the market, many speculators only focus on capital gains by buying a piece of land and waiting for it to rise in price unlucky. Successful investors play both of these games. And give priority to buying real estate capable of generating cash flow, capable of renting.

Real estate cash flow is never ending

As mentioned, real estate has two games about cash flow and capital return. With the game of capital gains, it depends a lot on market factors. When real estate freezes, it will obviously become a difficult commodity to consume. But when the market is hot, real estate becomes a hot product.

In terms of cash flow, in markets with great demand for rental, this demand is continuous, the number of immigrants in these big cities is always increasing, so the demand for accommodation is huge.  So the cash flow game (real estate for rent) is a sustainable game and has no end.

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