In the midst of the epidemic, which countries are the most searched for in the world?

According to a Knight Frank survey, after witnessing the heavy effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on the socio-economy, home seekers around the world consider England, Spain and France to be First choice for migration planning wishing to have better housing and health care facilities if you fall ill.

Specifically, research firm Knight Frank said the survey was conducted in June with 700 participants are individuals looking to buy real estate in 44 countries around the world. The survey was conducted to find out and analyze buyers’ attitudes towards the real estate market under the Covid-19 epidemic.

The results show that the top 3 countries most interested in by world real estate buyers are the UK with 30% of the votes, Spain with 17% and France with 9%. The Top 3 holds a fairly far distance from the group of 13 adjacent countries, with the number of votes ranging from 2-4%. While not all have been seen as successful models of pandemic control, these countries are still seen as having effective health care systems.

It is quite interesting that while the UK has received the attention of homebuyers around the world, people in this country tend to increase their search for real estate abroad for relaxation or preparation plan in the future.

The survey also shows that real estate buyers are now more likely to search for accommodation with larger areas and more garden space. The long-term effects of isolation, distance, and working from home make many people realize the important role of outdoor spaces.

“Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live every day,” said Kate Everett-Allen, Knight Frank’s Head of International Housing Market Research. Now the home is at the center of all of our activities, including working, exercising, learning, socializing and relaxing. The changes will certainly have a great impact on the real estate market worldwide.

However, Knight Frank also revealed that only 25% of those surveyed said they were likely to move within or outside the country within the next 12 months. About 23% said they were less likely to migrate, while 52% said they would continue to stay in their current place, not migrate.

For those looking to buy new real estate in preparation for a migration plan, the need to upgrade accommodation is a major driver of the migration decision, whether moving to another part of the country or abroad. Access to health care services better than current residence is the second most highly recommended criterion.

Meanwhile, countries like Germany, Austria, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and New Zealand are expected to attract second home seekers in the near future. This audience attaches great importance to the way governments effectively handled the Covid-19 crisis, helping to prevent pandemic outbreaks.

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7 things to be successful in real estate business (Part 2)

Real estate starts not with money, but with opportunity and ability

It is a fact that few people know that the importance of real estate is not money but the value of opportunity and capacity. In fact, the great giants in the real estate industry often spend very little money when participating in a real estate deal, maybe not even spend a penny, but they still own the game by their ability to seize their own opportunities as well as the ability to raise capital.

Real estate allows us to take advantage of good financial leverage

If you are in another business such as selling fashion shops, you come to the bank to borrow 1 billion to do business, certainly not easy at all. But if you buy a property, you go to the bank to borrow 1 billion to buy this property.

The bank will ask the value of that property, you answer about 3 billion, when you hear your answer, the bank will ask you again: “Do you want to increase your loan limit from 1 billion to 2 billion is not?” If you can prove that your income is able to repay the loan, then you only need to spend 30% of the initial amount, the remaining 70% of the bank is ready to lend you when they have reviewed the repayment ability and appraised. That real estate.

Real estate is where the rich increase their wealth

A billionaire said: “All the way to Rome, all the rich are collecting and accumulating real estate for themselves”. Why? Because all rich people are aware that real estate is the way that helps them achieve sustainable financial freedom and quickly multiply their wealth by many times.

Real estate everyone’s game

In my 8 years in the rental house business, meeting and cooperating with hundreds of landlords across the country, I found that many entrepreneurs have been successful. They used to be an equal in the real estate business. Therefore, I believe that with trust and perseverance willing to learn the practical business knowledge and experience of successful people, anyone can create financial freedom and give yourself with real estate.

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7 things to be successful in real estate business (Part 1)

Real estate is a specific commodity in the market. It is very different from all other commodities. To be successful in real estate investment and business, you need to equip yourself with the basic knowledge base to avoid unfortunate mistakes, sometimes paying billions.

More than 8 years involved in the real estate business, and managing thousands of rental products including rooms for rent, serviced apartments, hotels, offices in many major cities across the country. 

Real estate is a unique and rare commodity

In other general goods, you can own two identical phones, two identical chairs and tables. But not in real estate and this is the reason that real estate becomes a unique commodity in the eyes of business people. On the other hand, the earth cannot expand while the population is constantly growing, making real estate become a rare commodity.

Real estate has two games: Cash flow and capital interest

Real estate has two games in itself: Cash flow – capital interest (simply understood as leasing – buying and selling). In the market, many speculators only focus on capital gains by buying a piece of land and waiting for it to rise in price unlucky. Successful investors play both of these games. And give priority to buying real estate capable of generating cash flow, capable of renting.

Real estate cash flow is never ending

As mentioned, real estate has two games about cash flow and capital return. With the game of capital gains, it depends a lot on market factors. When real estate freezes, it will obviously become a difficult commodity to consume. But when the market is hot, real estate becomes a hot product.

In terms of cash flow, in markets with great demand for rental, this demand is continuous, the number of immigrants in these big cities is always increasing, so the demand for accommodation is huge.  So the cash flow game (real estate for rent) is a sustainable game and has no end.

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Announced the world’s top largest real estate brands

The world brand valuation organization (Brand Finance) has just announced the list of the top 25 most valuable real estate enterprises in the world.

Accordingly, among the 25 brands ranked the world’s most valuable, China accounts for 20/25 brands. Notably, the first 10 positions in this ranking also belong to the most populous country in the world today, including brands such as: Evergrande Group, Country Garden, Vanke, Greenland, Poly Development.

This is the second consecutive year that Evergrande Group ranks first in ranking of the most valuable real estate brands with total assets estimated at 20.4 billion USD, up 26% over the previous year. The group was established in 1996 and is headquartered in Guangdong province. This is the second largest real estate developer in China by revenue, mainly providing products for the mid-end and high-end segments.

Based on factors such as equity, business performance, marketing … research firm Brand Finance also evaluated Evergrande Group as the strongest real estate brand in the world. Of the 5 most valuable real estate brands outside of China, the US contributes 3 brands. The remainder is equally divided between Japan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In which, Emaar Properties is the brand with the largest value with 2.7 billion USD. The group currently accounts for a third of real estate transactions in Dubai and continues to increase its brand value by participating in the development of large-scale projects such as the world’s largest shopping mall, the tall Burj Khalifa in the world, Beijing Daxing International Airport... 

According to Brand Finance, the growth in production and business activities of strong national brands is the result of the Government’s implementation of the National Brand Program since 2003.

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Dubai real estate receives huge investment

According to the Dubai Housing Authority (DLD), the real estate market here still sees huge value transactions in the first half of 2020 despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The figures show that the real estate sector in Dubai is gradually returning to normal. This has been driven by stimulus packages and initiatives launched by the government and departments over the past few months.

Reports say there are a total of 22,779 property purchase procedures conducted in the first six months of the year, totaling approximately $ 20 billion.

Dubai tiếp tục dẫn đầu thị trường địa ốc UAE

Regarding land mortgage registration , some outstanding transactions in quarter of /2020 can be listed as Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid area with the value of 85 million USD; Me’aisem First with a value of about 30 million USD or Jabal Ali with a value of 29 million USD.

Regarding registration of selling various properties including land, condominiums and other real estate assets in quarter 1 of 2020, Al Merkadh topped with 631 transactions; followed by Dubai Marina with 515 transactions and Al Barsha South Fourth ranked third with 430 transactions.

Regarding investment, the report stated that in the first quarter of 2020, 9,160 investors made approximately 11,940 investments worth more than US $ 5 billion, while the number of investments in the second quarter of 2020 decreased down to 6,523 items with a value of nearly 3 billion USD.

Dubai: Giá bất động sản tăng hướng tới Expo 2020 - Nha Trang Đất Việt

In the second quarter of 2020, the Dubai real estate market also welcomed 1,223 Gulf investors and 706 Arab investors. The report highlights the attractiveness of the Dubai real estate market to foreign investors with concrete evidence that the total investment received by Dubai is about more than $ 1.5 billion.

Women make up a significant portion of the quantity and value of investments. In quarter 2/2020, up to 1,781 female investors completed 1,922 investment transactions with a value of more than 700 million USD. More broadly, in the first half of 2020, 4,536 female investors completed 5,112 investments worth nearly US $ 2 billion.

Areas with the highest real estate investment activity include Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, Dubai Marina and Jabal Ali. In terms of sales, Dubai Marina topped the list, followed by Business Bay and Al Merkadh.

In a separate report issued by Dubai Statistics Center, the real estate sector recorded a 3.7% higher growth in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the first quarter of 2019, contributing 8% to the development of Dubai economy. This sector plays an important role in increasing the speed of recovery in the business sector. Last year, real estate activities grew by 3.3% and contributed 7.2% to Dubai’s total GDP, with a value added of more than US $ 8 billion.

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How does Covid-19 impact the real estate market? (part 3)

In most countries, a new blockade policy has been in place for more than a month, in parallel with the policies and support measures from the Government and the landlord, the phenomenon of breaking rental contracts has not been recorded widely.

The countries where some of the tenants and small companies that have terminated their contracts early are China, Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland.

“Government intervention is a strong hallmark of this crisis. Support packages or interventions from the government such as property tax reduction or temporary prohibition of outward activities, are recorded in 59% of the countries participating in the survey”, Savills said.

According to this unit, the retail sector benefited the most, with some support packages recorded in 75% of countries. For example, the percentage of business in the UK is suspended for every business in the fiscal year 2020-2021. In Singapore, restaurants, shops, hotels, and tourist destinations will not pay real estate taxes in 2020.

Covid-19 tác động ra sao tới thị trường bất động sản?

The epidemic does not affect the capital value

The survey has shown that the trading volume is currently decreasing but not sharply decreasing. In the first half of April, 44% of countries recorded no change in transaction volume. For the office market, nearly half of the countries reported no changes in trading volumes since the end of March 2020, when 73% of the countries had average or sharp decrease.

The retail and hospitality sector continued to witness a sharp decline in the types of transactions, with 73% and 68% respectively recording a decrease, the effect of the national closure and the restriction of travel. The survey also indicated that the disease did not affect the capital value with 63% of countries saying their capital value did not change despite the small volume of transactions.

The logistics and health sectors remain good prices, with 87% and 95% of the countries having capital values unchanged and increasing, respectively. Both sectors will continue to have high demand in the near future. More than two-thirds of the countries surveyed did not report a change in capital values in the office and housing sectors.

In the housing sector, when a policy of closure to contain the disease severely affected transactions with buyers, 73% of countries recorded an unchanged capital value, compared to 53% in a survey.

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How does Covid-19 impact the real estate market? (Part 2)

Demand for tenants has changed

Savills experts said that tenants had to significantly adjust their lifestyle and work since the pandemic occurred. Notably, some businesses started showing signs of stability when the epidemic peaked in some countries.

Office demand remains stable in 42% of the country, while the remaining 55% has a moderate drop in demand. Benefiting from the positive growth of the online retail industry, the demand for logistics has not changed or increased moderately in more than 79% of countries. Only in the retail and hospitality sector, demand declined, with a sharp decline in more than half of the countries.

Bất động sản thời Covid: Cơ hội để bắt đáy!

In China recorded a clear recovery. This is reflected in a moderate increase in retail and office leasing activity in the first half of April 2020. Although China has implemented a social gap, usage rates have increased as more offices and shops have reopened. The hotel industry is also slowly recovering, but the demand is still lower than the level before the epidemic began.

However, as operations were slowly recovering, a number of second outbreaks led China to revert to a blockade in some areas such as Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province.

Giá bất động sản tăng bất chấp ra sao giữa “bão" Covid-19? | Bất ...

Office rental price has not dropped sharply

Rents recorded unchanged across 60% of industries and countries, and increased in 71% of countries for the office sector. Signs of a more pronounced decrease in the hotel and retail sector.

One reason that rents have not dropped sharply is due to the widespread use of tenant support during this time. Retail tenants benefit the most, with 80% of countries reporting rent support. Postponement of service charges and payment structure changes are also common and are being applied in 40% of the countries.

Even in the office market, where rents are largely unaffected, up to 43% of countries report the use of some rental support packages for tenants. Besides, logistics is the least affected and therefore, very little support is applied.

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How does Covid-19 impact the real estate market? (Part 1)

Savills has just published the results of a survey on the status and psychology of businesses in 31 markets across the globe due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to Savills, the impact of Covid-19 on the real estate market is assessed to be very significant. Survey results show that 19% of countries have noted the major impact of the pandemic on the real estate market and 74% of confirmed negative impact on average.

However, this is a slight positive change compared to the results from another survey conducted by Savills on March 31, 2020 with 29% of countries reporting serious negative impacts and 67 % has a moderate negative impact. About 29% of participating countries are currently “neutral”, 52% rated “quite negative”, and only 16% rated “negative”.

Notably, the Chinese market recorded “quite positive” sentiment when some real estate activities returned. South Korea and Vietnam, two countries with rapidly declining rates of infection, were also “market neutral”.

At a regional level, psychology in the Asia-Pacific region is more active than the EMEA group (including Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and North America, which are currently suffering the greater impact of the disease. .

While many countries are still closing their borders, the long-term impact of Covid-19 has yet to be determined. Many believe that the world will come out of the disease with a different mind. The compulsion of isolation has accelerated technology application activities and allowed the flexibility of home-based work.

Savills said that supply chains have been scrutinized, which could lead to an increase in domestic and neighboring exchanges as manufacturers seek to diversify their supply networks, despite the consumer price sensitivity can minimize the rate of change.

Health and well-being are now a top priority for many people, while changes in the way of life and work of each individual have certain effects on the real estate market worldwide.

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The cities with the most billionaires in the world

According to Forbes’ newly updated billionaire city rankings, New York (USA) holds the top spot for the sixth consecutive year.

1. New York (USA) – 92 billionaires:

This is the 6th consecutive year the city holds first place, more than 8 billionaires compared to 2019. Among New York billionaires, the most prominent is rapper Jay-Z.

Những thành phố có nhiều tỷ phú nhất thế giới - 1

2. Hong Kong (China) – 71 billionaires:

Although still holding the second position, the number of billionaires here has decreased to 8 people compared to 2019. The city’s real estate prices last year plummeted, making the wealth of many billionaires significantly evaporate. Photo: Reuters.

3. Moscow (Russia) – 70 billionaires:

The Russian capital is home to more than 80% of billionaires in this country. The 70 richest people in Moscow are self-made billionaires. Photo: Reuters.

4. Beijing (China) – 67 billionaires:

The number of billionaires in the Chinese capital is 6 more people than in 2019.

5. London (England) – 56 billionaires:

The British capital is not only attractive to the country’s giants but also a favorite place to stay for some billionaires from other countries like Russia and Brazil.

6. Shanghai (China) – 46 billionaires:

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in China, many billionaires in Shanghai benefited from businesses such as e-commerce, courier, and online entertainment.

7. Shenzhen (China) – 44 billionaires:

This city is like the Silicon Valley of China with a series of famous technology corporations, such as Tencent and Huawei.

8. Mumbai (India) – 38 billionaires:

The city is inhabited by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man with a net worth of $ 36.8 billion.

Những thành phố có nhiều tỷ phú nhất thế giới - 8

9. San Francisco (USA) – 37 billionaires:

California’s coastal city now has 5 billionaires less than in 2019.

10. Singapore – 31 billionaires:

The country of one city increased to 9 billionaires compared to last year, surpassing Seoul, South Korea to grab the 10th position.

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Which direction for the real estate market season?

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting all economic sectors, the real estate market still finds positive directions.

Experts said that this time the real estate business should have a new strategy for products, especially green projects, good for residents’ health.

In the report “Assessing the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on sectors” of SSI Securities Company, while many economic sectors were affected by the pandemic, the demand for commercial real estate was not affected. many because condominium activities are based on long-term needs and plans, not related to events such as epidemics.

Explaining the mechanism of optimism, in the report “How does the outbreak of Corona virus affect Canadian real estate?”, The Real Estate Investment Network – the trading platform of more than 39,300 real estate valued at 5.1 billion USD in Canada has provided “Formula for long-term real estate success”. Accordingly, the GDP growth rate strongly influenced the real estate market in a period of 18 months.

According to the scenario of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the country’s GDP this year only increased by 5.96%, a decline of more than 0.8% compared to the set target and the lowest in the last 7 years. Even in that case, Vietnam’s growth is still at the top of the region and the prospects are supported by other macro factors such as low inflation, record FDI growth, and many trade agreements freedom was signed, benefiting from the US-China trade war …

Besides, the disease control efforts of some countries have made a good impression in the eyes of foreign investors. In the long term, if successful in controlling and controlling epidemics, real estate also has the opportunity to catch the flow of tourists as well as large capital investment from other countries.

This shows that the real estate market is still promising thanks to high GDP growth and the confidence of international investors. In this context, investors who are confident enough to control their assets and financial resources, will have a good opportunity to access abundant supplies and better prices.

 This pandemic is an opportunity for project developers to look back on their business strategies and product restructuring, to cope with possible fluctuations.

Quality, ecological urban spaces geared towards the care and promotion of health for residents are expected to grow. After this pandemic, the market will have more projects focusing on the quality of housing products and living space to ensure the health of residents, in the context that people are very worried over the past time.

Agreeing with this view, the representative of Novaland said that in the past time, the concepts of green or ecological living space are being abused but not really come into practice. However, the needs of existing customers will be an important driving force for project developers to change.

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